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Greetings and welcome! I'm NoCub3, and I'm creating a global vanilla-styled RPG mod for you! Obviously, this mod have two main goals: both quality and quantity.
Now let's get directly to the content of this (already) huge beast! 
Tip: To view more recipes and other stuff, await for official mod wiki, for now use JEI to check em!

Firstly, the Undead Gear - an early game set of tools and weapons, made out right off of dead flesh and bones, how horrifying!
It could help you to survive until the dawn, and has an increased enchantability!

Anceint Gear is made out of Ancient Tablets. Dig a new ore to get them, but beware of Terramites, the dangerous creatures you can dig up with the ore!
Set contains epic sword that can rarely summon lightning and the most important, Totem of Reality.

Deserite Gear - made out of simple sand and sandstone! Very cheap and useful for beginners!
There are few tools and weapons, but there are also chakrams - good ranged weapon,the Pendant increases speed, the Staff allows you to transform any red sand blocks into regular sand and sandstone!

Mesanite Gear - same as previous, but better! Made out of red sand and counts as full counterpart of Deserite stuff

1Sandcastles - build your very own by simple right-clicking the sand or red sand with Deserite/Mesanite Bucket!

1Saguaro Cacti - now can be found in desert, making it not that empty such as vanilla!
These cacti do not deal damage on collide, but they damage every player who tries to harvest them! 
You can use them to make planks and all classic wood-related stuff, also a it's possible to craft a 'harmless' variant which does not deal damage at all.
Also there is Rare Saguaro Cacti which have a flower on it's top! You can harvest it to make some new stuff including upgraded saguaro helmet and a shuriken-like weapon!

Some Ruins and neat Sphinx - also found rarely in desert-themed biomes! Break these vases to get some items!

The Catalyst - Saorite! Dig this most magical material to start crafting powerful gear!

1The Keeper of Reality - this old dude is the last from the ruined Ancient Civilization! He have chosen to help terrestrials with his power of using the Catalyst!
Try talk to him and give 4 biome fragments and 1 saorite ingot, to get your very first Biome bar!

Desert Gear 
is made with Desert Fragment! You can obtain it by killing desert-related creatures!

Forest Gear 
is made with Forest Fragment! You can obtain it by killing forest-related creatures!

Ocean Gear 
is made with Ocean Fragment! You can obtain it by killing sea-related creatures!

Frozen Gear is made with Frozen Fragment! You can obtain it by killing ice-related creatures!

Cavern Gear is made with Cavern Fragment! You can obtain it by killing creatures deep underground!

Swamp Gear is made with Swamp Fragment! You can obtain it by killing swamp-related creatures!

Jungle Gear is made with Jungle Fragment! You can obtain it by killing jungle-related creatures!

And mod contains MUCH more stuff that you can explore yourself!

Nocub3 - Founder, main developer, spriter, idea creator and etc!
El Burrito - Idea creator, spriter and modeler!
Dimguru - Spriter, modeler and builder!

Special thanks:
TheLuxureSlime - for helping me with start of modding!
nikgub_for helping me with modding! (Also he is true memer and  funi dud)
BaronFonShish - for misc help and being just a cool dude!
Everyone who supported the mod or my channel!
(Without you making this would be impossible)

My youtube subscribers
Divine RPG

Sorry if my English sometimes is bad, I'm a russian youtuber dude who just loves creating stuff, and this is my first minecraft mod submission!
I will be glad to any reviews, also if you wanna support me you can put likes and subscribes on my russian youtube! :D


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