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The Coffee and Tea Mod is a Forge-based Minecraft Mod that fully implements coffee and tea in the game including plants (with custom 3d models), cups (with custom 3d models), seeds and potion effects from each drink. Coffee and Tea plants can be found growing in plains and extreme hills biomes and coffee and tea leaves can be found in dungeon and mineshaft chests. You can also break tall grass to get coffee beans and tea seeds.


Supported Mods for 1.20 version (Optional)

AppleSkin: The 1.20 version of the Coffee and Mod integrates with AppleSkin to quickly see how much hunger you will gain when drinking your coffee or tea.

Survive: The latest the version of the mod for with Survive's thirst and temperature system allowing your drinks to warm you and regain thirst.



Coffee Cup (left), Tea Cup (Center), Empty Cup (Right)


Shows all the items that the Coffee and Tea Mod adds in it's Creative Tab


Coffee & Tea plants at various stages of growth.


Click here for Recipes


Language Support


  • English
  • Korean (thanks to LazyGom)
  • German (v1.2.4 and up - possibly not fully accurate)



  • Pharade contributed many of the textures and images.
  • LazyGom contributed the Korean translation.