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Survive is a mod that adds various features to enhance the difficulty and realism of Minecraft! It adds such features as Thirst, Stamina, Temperature, Hygiene, Nutrition, Sleep, and Well-being!


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Thirst - You now have a thirst bar positioned above your hunger bar. You must keep it replenished by drinking water and other such fluids. The bar acts much like hunger; if you fail to keep it full, you will begin to die of thirst. You can get quickly get water by crouching and right-clicking a water source block or by drinking a bottle of water. However, if you want to avoid the Thirst effect purify the water through smelting or drink a potion. The Thirst effect causes your thirst bar to drop faster, much like Hunger for the hunger bar. If wellbeing is enabled alongside this module and you get the Thirst effect you will fall ill after a while.


Temperature - Your body temperature will be influenced by how hot or how cold your current biome and the blocks around you are. Vanilla armors will increase your temperature as well as how fast you heat up. Wearing wool armor will increase your resistance to cold temperatures, and using stiffened honey armor will improve your resistance to heat. Getting too cold will freeze you while getting too hot will roast you. If you stay cold or hot for too long while Wellbeing is enabled you will get hypothermia or hyperthermia respectively, which will consume your health and stamina until you have 28% health and stamina left. By default, your temperature is displayed as a tint on your Hotbar but can be changed to a bar meter atop your screen or number value in the config file.


Sleep - You will now require sleep to function properly. If you refuse to sleep for days at a time, your body will start to shut down. This will lead to debuffs influencing your movement speed and other functions, as well as restricting your vision gradually. You can drink caffeinated/sugary drinks to grant yourself the Energized effect, which reverses tiredness and gives various effects.


Stamina - Certain actions you perform in your world will now lower your new stamina bar upon performing. Your stamina can be replenished by standing still, walking rather than running, or laying in a bed. Sleeping fills the meter completely. When you run out of stamina, the meter will turn red and you will see three red stamina slots. This is your reserve stamina, which is a clear indicator that you will die if you work your body much more. Once your reserve stamina runs out, you will swiftly proceed to die of exhaustion.



Each and every mechanic can be disabled in the config file. Some can additionally be altered to change how much certain aspects of the game impact Survive's mechanics.



Items that modify thirst when consumed can be added via a data pack. If you want to add the steak item, in your data pack create a new file, minecraft/survive_modifiers/consumables/items/steak.json, and paste this into it


edit the values to your liking. This also works for modded items, (item namespace)/survive_modifiers/consumables/items/(item id).json


This also works for potions, but rather than putting it in survive_modifiers/consumables/items, you put it in survive_modifiers/consumables/potions


If there is a certain mod you want it's drinks, armor, or blocks to work with this one you can download data packs that other users have submitted. Note that those packs are managed by those users and not me


Potential Features (May come in future updates, but are not confirmed):

- Sanity



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