Rich Ores

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Haven't you ever dreamend about finding a huge ore deposit in your minecraft world. 

Now the dreams are over and you are able to find the Ores.

I know there are other mods that add large Ore deposits like Dense Ores, but these ores have a predefined amout how often you can break these. In this mod its kind of a gamble if you will be able to break the next Block.

 Ver. 1.2:

Added the Block breaker wich instantly breaks the rich ore under it



Compressed Ores are rare blocks that drop the resources of their counterparts.


If you break a Compressed Ore you will have a 90% Chance that the Block won't break and just drops its ore.


This means that it is theoretically possible, that a ore exists forever but it is nearly impossible.


Just try this mod it's definitly worth it.



Currently avaible are: lapislazuli, diamond, redstone, iron, gold , coal and emerald ore


created with mcreator




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