Restored Earth


Restored Earth is a mod that aims to add the content exclusive to Minecraft: Earth, which was lost when the game was discontinued.
The mod adds mobs, items and blocks from the game, and implements them into the Minecraft world and gameplay.

The mod adds blocks like a Mud FluidRainbow Wool and Carved Melon and items like Fancy Feathers.
Also, the mod currently adds 14 new mobs:

  • Muddy Pig, which you can find by putting pigs in mud, that can be found in swamps.
  • Wooly Cow, which you can find on Mountains. You can also shear them to get Brown Wool.
  • Jumbo Rabbit, which you can find in Giant Taigas.
  • Fancy Chicken, which spawns in Flower Forests, and drops Fancy Feathers.
  • Rainbow Sheep, that spawns very rarely in Plains, and can be sheared for Rainbow Wool.
  • Jolly Llama, which spawns on Snowy Mountains, and is rideable like other Llamas.
  • Viler Witch, which has a low chance of spawning at night. This improved Witch throws Lingering Potions instead of Splash ones.
  • Tropical Slime, which spawn on Beaches. They are neutral, and can hop on water, but won't split upon death.
  • Melon Golem, which can be created from two Snow Blocks and a Carved Melon in the same structure as Snow Golems.
  • Moobloom, which you can find in Flower Forests. You can shear them to get Buttercups, and milk them with a bowl to get Suspicious Stew.
  • Bouldering Zombie, that can be found rarely across the world. They are a special kind of zombie, which can climb on walls.
  • Furnace Golem, which can be created in the same structure as Iron Golems, but with a Blast Furnace in the middle.
  • Skeleton Wolf, that can be found in taiga biomes at night, and are a hostile version of a normal wolf.
  • Bone Spider, which can be found in roofed forests at night. These are stronger and tougher enemies.

In the future, the mod will also add most of the other mobs from Minecraft: Earth, but also some more content that fits these mobs, items and blocks.

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