Responsive Shields


A Fabric equivalent of this mod is available here! [1.17/1.18/1.19]


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Configurable removal of the 5 tick delay when blocking.

Can be used on servers without other players needing the mod!

🏹| Clunky shields

Ever reacted just fast enough to raise your shield and still had a Vindicator one tap you straight through it?
bonk "...howwwww"
Well, you guessed right: Minecraft has a hidden 5 tick wait time in the background when you raise your shield which is hardly represented by the animation at all.
This mod allows you to configure, or completely remove, that delay. And works with any item, vanilla or modded, which the base game's blocking delay would apply to.

đź‘€| How it works

Check out the GitHub readme.

⚙️| Configs

Files and contents:


Raise Time

(Default: 0) The amount of time, in ticks, from when you right-click before the game will block attacks.


(Default: true) Whether or not the effect of the mod is enabled.


  • Setting Raise Time to 0 makes shields capable of blocking immediately.
  • Setting Raise Time to 5 is the same as vanilla.
  • The client-side raise animation takes roughly one tick to complete. So setting Raise Time to 1 or 2 is a decent balance between responsiveness and not being able to blockhit as easily.