Repurposed Structures (Forge)

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Jungle Fortress at sunset

A Stonebrick variant of Nether Fortresses now spawns rarely in Jungle biomes! These vine covered Jungle Fortresses are quite a sight to see. But beware, a very tiny fraction of the Stonebricks are infested with Silverfish!

Jungle Fortress seen from ground level

The fortresses can be tall enough to run along the tree tops but it can also go a bit below ground. The roof of this fortress also makes a nice staircase as well!

Jungle Fortress chest

The fortress is filled with many chests that holds a variety of items! Exploring every corner will take time but the fortress makes an awesome base as well.

Jungle Dungeon in a Jungle Mineshaft

A jungle variant of a Dungeon and Mineshaft is shown that spawns in Jungle biomes. The vine covered Jungle Dungeons may have Parrot spawners as well!

Stone Mineshaft

In Mountains biomes (Extreme Hills), you can find Stone Mineshafts underground! They blend in really well to the surrounding rock.

Desert Dungeon in a Desert Mineshaft

When in Deserts, the desert variants of Dungeons and Mineshafts will spawn. The dungeon will use Husks spawners instead of Zombies spawners.

Badlands Dungeon

In Badlands, you can find a Badlands themed Dungeon! Like Desert Dungeons, this dungeon will use Husks spawners too instead of Zombie spawners.

Dark Oak Dungeon in a Dark Oak/Swamp Mineshaft

Dungeons in Dark Oak Forests will use Dark Oak blocks and can have Vex spawners. The Mineshafts in Dark Oak Forests and Swamps will take on a mossy/grassy Dark Oak theme.

Birch Mineshaft

When you are in a Birch Forest biome, you might find a Birch themed Mineshaft below.

Taiga Mineshaft

Just a regular Mineshaft using Spruce wood when in any Taiga biomes including Snowy Taiga biomes.

Savanna Mineshaft

The orange look of this Savanna themed Mineshaft makes it stand out quite a bit!

Nether Dungeon in Nether Mineshaft

When you are in the Nether, you can find these Nether Brick infused Dungeons and Mineshafts too! There is a 1% chance of Dungeons below lava level of having a Wither Skeleton spawner which makes this picture very rare!

Ocean Mineshaft and Ocean Dungeon!

Under the depth of the Ocean, you can find Prismarine infused Mineshafts and Dungeons that looks really neat! Beware of the Drowned tho!

End Dungeon in End Mineshaft

After you beat the dragon and travel to the islands away from the spawn island, you can find End themed Dungeons and Mineshafts! The Dungeons will sometimes have Shulker boxes with dungeon loot and they will have End themed monsters spawners.

Badlands Temple next to Badlands Well!

The Badlands now have their own versions of the Desert Temple and Well! But be careful exploring this temple for there may be some hidden twists!

Grassy and Stone Igloo!

Grassy Igloos can be found in Plains, Sunflower Plains, Flower Forest, Forest, Birch Forest, and Dark Oak Forest! Stone Igloos are found in Giant Tree Taiga Biome variants!

Badlands Village and Badlands Temple!

Villages now has a Badlands variant that will spawn in any non-plateau Badlands biome! Keep your eye out for the rare Saloon building for nausea potions!

Birch Village

A Plains Village changed to use Birch Wood instead. Looks very pretty!

Dark Forest Village

Deep within the Dark Forests, you might find a Dark Oak themed village with Swamp skin Villagers!

Jungle Village

Keep your eyes peeled traveler! You might catch a glimpse of a lost village deep within a Jungle! These Jungle Villagers somehow know their way around!

Mountains Village

Look up! These Mountain Villages are very neat to find and are a great source of easy Stone Bricks blocks!

Giant Taiga Village

These Villagers made their houses from the boulders that litter the Giant Tree Taiga biomes! You'll find lots of iron and Coal Ores in the walls of these houses!

Nether themed Temple and Stronghold!

The Stronghold is now themed to the Nether when in Nether biomes! In addition, the Desert Well and Jungle Temple also has a Nether variant to help make the Nether more interesting!

Nether Pyramid in a Basalt Deltas biome!

A Desert Temple but now Nether-themed! Check inside but be careful as we are in the Nether after all... Special thanks to l-ll-ll-l_IsDisLoss for the Nether design of the temple!

Nether Bricks Outpost!

Find these cool scattered Outposts in the Nether that is full of Piglins! Special thanks to cannon_foddr for the structure design!

Nether Warped Temple

A Warped Forest variant of the 5 Nether Temples! Can be tricky to find but it's got a stranger trick up its sleeves.

Nether Basalt Temple

If you are very very lucky, you might spot a Nether Basalt Temple in the crazy landscape in the Basalt Delta biome!

Crimson and Warped Village!

Find settlements created by Piglins hidden within the forests in the Nether! There's lots of gold as well but take care to not anger the fully armored Piglins!

Spooky Warped Shipwreck!

Cursed into the depths of the Nether, this Wither controlled ship still torments all that meets it! Special thanks to miguelforge for the structure design!

A Beautiful Crimson Shipwreck!

Even ships that has met their doom in the Overworld has been reborn in the Nether. But the flaming ship is certainly not unmanned in this world... Special thanks to miguelforge for the structure design!

Nether Bricks Shipwreck that is imbued with the End's levitation magic

Those that see this rare ship report feelings of an ominous presence. Those that step onboard... well, we don't hear the tales from those folks anymore... Special thanks to cannon_foddr for the design! They only fly in biomes with "soul" in the name!

End Shipwrecks!

Scattered around in the End Highlands are ancient shipwrecks of an older design. These may contain maps to End Cities or even have Firework Stars!

Birch Outpost

Despite the mean folks, Pillager Outposts look surprisingly good with birch wood!

Giant Tree Taiga Outpost

Travel to Giant Tree Taiga biomes to find outposts here as well!

Snowy and Icy Outposts

Cold right? Well bundle up, the freezing weather doesn't stop Pillagers from shooting arrows into your knee!

Desert and Badlands Outpost

Even when there's no wood, the Pillagers had made their outposts from Sandstone itself!

End Ruined Portal

Nether Portals are useless in the end so why are these here..? ...or maybe the portals use to work in the long past? Something strange must had happened to the End to separate its connection to the Nether. But at least there's still gold in the chests!

Warped Outpost!

As you make your way through the twisting vines, you may come across a Warped Outpost! It might be tricky to find as it blends in very nicely into the Warped Forest!

Crimson Outpost!

Deep within the Crimson Forest is a Crimson themed Outpost! Stay alert! Like the other Nether based Outposts, this one too has a Piglin Brute that spawns when the structure is first generated!

Mushroom Dungeon

A dungeon that spawns only in Mushroom biomes which makes it very rare! It is also the safest dungeon as it will not have any hostile mob spawners.

Soul Sand Temple

A temple for the souls of those who are lost in this dimension...

Crimson and Warped Mienshafts

Spice up the Nether with Mineshafts that matches the Nether forests! You might even find exposed Ancient Debris in these Nether Mineshafts!

Nether City

A Nether themed End City without a ship. This is the rarest structure in this mod but is an amazing source of Blazes!

Nether Ruins

Broken remains of a Piglin civilization long lost... But sometimes, these ruins contains maps to important locations...

Oak Outpost by Oak Village

Even simple Oak Forests are not safe from the Pillagers! You may have to protect the Villagers from time to time... These woody oak villages can be found in any forest category biome that is not birch, dark forest, or taiga!

Snowy Mansion, Temple, and Outpost

Out on the frozen lands, stay alert as there stands many structures to be found!

Jungle Mansion and Outpost

Funny enough, Illagers seemed to have found a way to be one with nature themselves! Look at those leaves! They are going green!

Oak Mansion and Witch Hut

Even with Oak wood, Mansions are still very ominous. But watch out for new Witch Huts too! The new Witch Huts can spawn Witches and Cats over time!

Desert Mansion and Outpost

Even under the blazing desert sun, Illagers will do anything they can to build their crazy mansion! Only this time, you cannot burn down this Desert Mansion lol

Taiga Mansion, Outpost, and Witch Hut

Surprisingly, Illager structures looks great with Spruce Wood!

Savanna Mansion

Out on the dried prairies, these Illagers created an.. orange mansion? Looks wack but might have good loot inside!

Dark Oak Witch Hut

The Swamp wasn't enough so now witches have been making their homes in Dark Forests as well! Watch out for their potions!

Giant Tree Taiga Witch Hut

These witches decided to fortify their huts with stone! But stone certainly won't be enough to stop you from pillaging them!

Birch Mansion and Witch Hut

Who said you can't make good builds with Birch Wood? Obviously not the Illagers as they make great use of it!

Snow Dungeon in an Icy Mineshaft

When you are in a snowy biome, you can find ice filled Mineshafts and snow filled Dungeons!

Icy Dungeon in Icy Mineshaft!

The Strays that crawl out of the Dungeon are certainly not going to be friendly... Don't get hit by their slowness arrows!

Icy Temple in Ice Spikes biome

In Icy or super cold biomes, you may find this rare temple of ice!

End Outpost

A watchtower that literally watches! But approaching said tower is dangerous due to the non-stop swarm of Phantoms. But the inside is not safer as Shulkers make their home here too!

End Pyramid

A shrine for the dragon! No wonder it can last forever as it is made of obsidian!

Warm and Hot Ruins

You can find these ocean ruins-like structures on land and could contain a map to an Underground Bastion in the Overworld! Keep an eye out for these!

Underground Bastion Treasure Room

Buried underground and guarded by the nastiest skeletons, Underground Bastions are a tough but Redstone rich structure full of loot! Treasure Rooms are rare so keep checking out Bastions until your find one!

Even more Pyramids!

Jungle, Mushroom, Ocean, Giant Tree Taiga, and Flower Forest Pyramids are also added! Lots to explore and raid for loot!

Mushroom Well next to Mushroom Pyramid

Even the elusive Mushroom biome has its own pyramid and well! The pyramid is much richer in loot and is safe too. Almost like it is inviting you inside....

The strange End Strongholds

Extremely loot rich, full of Shulkers and Endermites, and has a portal to the Overworld! At over 8000 blocks away from the center of the End dimension, you better start throwing your Eyes of Ender to find these Strongholds!

Lucky Banners!

If another mod or datapack gives you the Luck status effect or attribute, you may start to find unique and cool banners in RS structure's chests! There's over 85+ banners to collect!

Mushroom Village

A super rare village full of peaceful villagers and mooshrooms! No weaponsmith building will spawn in this village because there's no monsters in the mushroom biome in vanilla!

Deep Dungeons

Deepslate dungeon variants will replace vanilla dungeons below y = 0!

Overworld Cities

An extremely rare End City-like structure that is full of Villagers reaching for the skies!

Icy and Cold Land Ruins

You may find ruins on land in colder biomes or icy biomes as well. They are similar but watch out for the powder snow in icy land ruins!

Mushroom Igloo

No world is complete without a funky fun igloo in mushroom biomes!

Dark Forest Pyramid

Be careful as this evil and angry pyramid hates the sun and you as well...

Monument variants!

Grab a map from the Cartographer. You might get a map that leads you to one of RS's new monument variants!

Mangrove structures!

Introduced in 1.19 RS, there are now dedicated structures for the Mangrove biome!

Swamp Village

Spooky time! Make your way through this grassy/muddy full of Pumpkins and Swamp skin Villagers! As of 1.19, the Swamp Village is now restyled with the new Mangrove blocks to look better!

New variants of Ancient Cities!

Why there's no Sculk or Warden, these Ancient Cities are still extremely dangerous! Enter... if you dare...

Ocean Village, Ocean Temple, and Taiga Temple

Explore the oceans for more structures! Ocean Villages often have maps to a random other ocean structure to find!