Repurposed Structures (Forge)

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Filename repurposed_structures-1.16.4-2.3.4.jar
Uploaded by telepathicgrunt
Uploaded Jan 15, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +3
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MD5 59c4511dbc1f049ac8b4eb1b809052d4
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    (V.2.3.4 Changes) (1.16.4 Minecraft)

- Improved biome targeting so some structures types get the right biome better.

- Overworld Outposts now spawn Pillagers over time.

- Replaced Dark Oak blocks with Spruce blocks in Snow Outposts

- Changed some blocks for the cages in badlands, Desert, Icy, and Snowy Outposts.

- Strongholds now will fit much better between the min and max y set in the config.
Rooms too low or too high will now be deleted (though the Portal Room will never be deleted).
As a result, you may find a few rooms or hallways cutoff from the rest of the stronghold but that was
a sacrifice I was willing to make to fix Strongholds sometimes spawning way aboveground than they should.

- Nether Strongholds no longer has Cobwebs in libraries and instead, may have fire.

- Strongholds will now not spawn in the End Dimension even when you add non-End category biomes to the dimension. With a datapack, you can
add the RS stronghold spacing to the End Noise Setting and to the End category biomes to force the Stronghold to spawn in that dimension.

- Badlands Villages now can spawn in Badlands Plateaus with a terrain check to try and keep them from generating on plateau walls.

- Badlands Villages now only contain Desert clothed Villagers instead of sometimes having Plains clothed Villagers.

- Fixed Birch Villages so they no longer have Oak Stripped Wood, Oak Fence Gate, or Oak Stairs.

- Fixed Churches not having doors in Birch, Dark Forest, and Oak Villages.

- Fixed Jungle Villages having Acacia blocks by mistake in the Weaponsmith house and fixed door in Butcher house being the wrong blockstate.

- Mountain Villages farms now have waterlogged Cobblestone Slab instead of Water Blocks to prevent them from turning into ice when too cold.

- Removed extra space at the end of addNetherStrongholdToModdedBiomes config name. (Will cause config to default back to true unless changed again)

- Fixed crash if the wells nbt file ever somehow goes missing.

- Fixed mob spawners losing their mob data after doing `/reload` or `/datapack disable vanilla` commands.

- Fixed mob spawners losing their mob data after doing `/reload` or `/datapack disable vanilla` commands.

- Stony Igloos now uses Spruce Signs and their Villager/Zombie Villager now wears taiga clothing.

- Grassy Igloos basements now use Oak blocks instead of Spruce.

- Added Drowned to Jungle Fortresses possible mob spawns to help populate the water filled hallways below sealevel.

- Structure spacing for RS structures set by JSON will now no longer be overwritten.
With datapacks, you can make RS structures now spawn more or less frequently as a result.

- Redid code on how mobs spawn over time are added to RS structures to be cleaner and less likely I forget to add mob spawns later.

- Prefixed all my accessor and invoker mixins due to this bug in mixins that could cause a crash with other mods for same named mixins.