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Filename wuestUtilities-
Uploaded by wuestman
Uploaded Sep 16, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
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MD5 a796cbf5e7e5708676a309020b7b2465
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions


Note: Forge version 1.11.2- or greater is required for this mod.


Release -

New Stuff!

Flat Bedrock Generation - Bedrock in the overworld is generated as a single layer of bedrock instead of the various height differences in vanilla. This can be turned off in the configuration. 


Random Item Drop Configuration options - Each random drop item from Leaves, Coal Ore, Stone and Dirt now have an individual configuration option to determine the percentage of the drop chance. Changing these requires a minecraft restart.


Release -

New Stuff!

Added Stone Shears - Has ~50% of the durability of normal shears and works exactly like normal shears.

Added recipe to break down a ladder into 2 sticks.
Added configuration options (all defaulted to be on):

  1. Get additional drops from leaves.
    1. There is a chance to get apples and sticks from all leaf types when broken.
  2. Get additional drops from dirt.
    1. There is a chance to get carrots, potatoes, beetroots, bones and clay balls when digging through dirt.
  3. Get additional drops from stone (includes granite, andesite and diorite).
    1. There is a chance to get Coal, Iron Nuggets, Gold Nuggets and Flint when breaking stone.


Changes and Fixes!

Updated the extra grass drops to remove Carrots and Potatoes. Added melon, pumpkin and cocoa seeds.
Fixed issues with Iron/Gold armor recipes to smelt back into ingots instead of the vanilla nuggets.
Fixed issue where the right-click crop harvesting wasn't working on crops from the Natura Mod.

Release -


This is the first release of the mod for 1.11. Please report any bugs onto the GitHub repo.