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Filename repurpose-
Uploaded by wuestman
Uploaded Jun 22, 2020
Game Version 1.14.4
Size 297.34 KB
Downloads 55
MD5 2c00ccf67cdeed4a3e05b34756b2e3e9
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions



At a minimum, Forge version 1.14.4-28.2.3 is required for this mod.


Release -

Fixes an issue with the extra drops functionality where the additional drops were being generated when using tools with silk touch.


Release -

This is the first release for 1.14.4; there are bound to be bugs, please let me know if you find any and I will fix as soon as I can.

Everything from the latest 1.12 version is in this release except for the items described below.


Differences between this release and 1.12 release

1. Flat Bedrock generation has been removed. I don't even know if this was working right to begin with and there are other mods out there that do this.

2. The Mobile Light feature has been removed. With the fundamental re-write of the lighting system in Minecraft this was too difficult to re-implement. .