Gauges and Switches

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Filename rsgauges-1.15.2-1.2.5-b1.jar
Uploaded by wilechaote
Uploaded Jul 4, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
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Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


  - v1.2.5-b1  [M] Modified global switch power placement default setting to strong.
               [F] Fixed gauge/indicator placement (issue #27, thx Bobcat64)

  - v1.2.4     [R] Release build v1.2.4. Release-to-release changes:
                   * Gauges are comparator output sensitive.
                   * Comparator Switch mode "Redstone Signal Strength" added.
                   * Config handling update.
                   * Bug fixes.

  - v1.2.4-b2  [!] Forge update, requires Forge 1.15.2-31.2.20.
               [F] Gauges explicitly tell adjacent blocks that they can connect Redstone.
               [F] Fixed Indicator/Siren placement crash (issue #24, thx Jamzs3).

  - v1.2.4-b1  [A] Gauges are also comparator output sensitive and can directly
                   show e.g. how full chests are.
               [F] Industrial Machine Switch texture size fixed.
               [U] Forge/mappings updated.
               [M] JEI integration updated.
               [M] Models updated to circumvent too dark GUI representations.
               [M] Config handling updated.
               [!] Mod config moved from 'common' to 'server' config, in case
                   of applied setting please double check.

  - v1.2.3     [R] Release build v1.2.3. Release-to-release changes:
                   * Door Sensor added.
                   * Recipe fixes, lang files updated.

  - v1.2.3-b3  [M] Block Category Detector: Fixed forge tag lookup (issue #21, thx Nodlehs).
               [M] Comparator Switch recipe fixed (thx @itzbahb).
               [M] En lang files typo fixes (thx @itzbahb).

  - v1.2.3-b2  [F] Fixed switch link max distance config (issue #20, thx Rictu5).

  - v1.2.3-b1  [A] Added Door Sensor switch.
               [M] Lang file zh_cn updated (PR#19, scikirbypoke).

  - v1.2.2     [R] Release build v1.2.2. Release-to-release changes:
                   * Valve Switch added.
                   * Elevator Button added.
                   * Minor fixes.

  - v1.2.2-b2   [A] Added Elevator Button.

  - v1.2.2-b1   [A] Added Valve Switch (idea and model by Jack M).

  - v1.2.1      [R] Release build v1.2.1. Release-to-release changes:
                    * Industrial Comparator Switch added.

  - v1.2.1-b1   [A] Added Industrial Comparator Switch.

  - v1.2.0-b2   [A] Added GIT version logging.
                [M] Lang en_us: Sensitive Glass block names adapted (issue #15, thx Dimentive).

  - v1.2.0-b1   [A] Added JEI integration.
                [M] Model "vanillafication" rework, part 2.
                [D] Removed obsolete switches (registry not affected).
                [M] Recipes simplified, recipe conditions unified.
                [M] Code updates for version compatibility.
                [A] All block are waterloggable (including Sensitive glass).

  - v1.1.10-b4  [F] Removed tag reference to minecraft:dirts, which prevented any
                    recipes from being craftable.

  - v1.1.10-b3  [A] Initial port.