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Filename RecurrentComplex-
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Uploaded Mar 20, 2019
Game Version Java 10
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* Trees don't plow through terrain anymore again and generate more reliably!!

* /#structures tweak now actually saves changes!! (lol)

* setting "redstone triggerable" to false with script blocks now actually disables redstone triggerability!

* Rays in Placers now use cute symbols to be easier to understand quickly!

* Improve output (message and log both) if structure generation fails!

* Fix for servers



* Trees now generate again!!! Wooho.

+ /#structures tweak: A new command that gives an ingame view of the spawnTweaks option. This is probably helpful to everyone not wanting to deal with structureGenerationMatcher and the likes!!

* It's now a lot less likely that ReC will spawn blocks it's not supposed to in the world (mostly block scripts, generic space and generic solids)

* Maze rule editor was kinda weird and crashed on editing! It works now!

* Lots of fixes for holders! They now rotate correctly and use the transformers of their respective structure.

+ domain= expression to match a whole domain (mod!) at once! Especially useful for /#structures search --containing domain=reccomplex (or some other mod ID)

* /#search, /#list and /#lookup are now accessible through /#structures search, list, lookup.

* Lots of other smaller fixes.




+ There are now more types of overridable vanilla decoration (Ocean Monument, Scattered Feature, Village, Nether Fortress, Stronghold, Mineshaft)!!

* Placers now have the capabilits to place only where floor blocks are, making them a lot more accurate!

+ A lot more types of inventories are recognized by loot generators!

* Recurrent Complex now logs which structures are causing chained chunk generation

* /#select set now works for two points at once again

* Decoration overrides now honor the universalDimensionMatcher

+ Vanilla Decoration overrides now have a configurable placer

* /#move can now again move by negative amounts

* Ruins look a bit better


+ Structures now have a 'baseline' property in addition to the placer - which means most structures can now use the placer as a preset rather than changing it with a move.!!

* Improvements for the GUI in a lot of places. It's both more compact and easier to look at in a lot of places now.!!

+ Holder block scripts - switching a specific area between two different setups for easier local toggle handling!!

* Local toggles now save properly and are output when looking up specific sights (along with the seed)!

* Structures now check for a rough ratio of water / floor when spawning to prevent surface structures spawning on rivers or lakes.!

* Mazes now generate even faster and are a lot more reliable again !

* All structures now contain the author in the metadata (even mine! woo!)

+ /#search now allows for a --author parameter to search for authors

* /#natural floor does not consider foliage floor blocks anymore

* /#whatisthis is now more accurate / fixed

* Script Blocks that are redstone triggerable now place in the world on structure spawn

* /#selection commands now work better if one point is missing

* Savanna village kitchens now spawn at the right height and better

* Match placer factors now work more reliably (requiredConformity was ignored and treated as 1)

* Generic space and solid blocks didn't have item textures



* Commands now fail to run if an unknown parameter is provided (to avoid errors or legacy parameters)!!

* Mazes now have a (configurable) timeout feature. They will never again block the server generation forever!!

* Mazes are a lot quicker to generate in general. (reachability: destination filter, ability grouping)!!

+ Maze and pattern GUIs now have a visualization feature in-world. This helps with placement math a lot!!

* Structures no longer generate their entities and scripts twice!!

+ New structure: UndergroundCultChamber. Thanks A1MOSTADDICTED!!

* /#flood <direction> is now /#move --flood <direction>!

* /#containing is now /#search --containing!

* /#decorateone is now /#decorate --one!

* OldWatchtower now generates loot again (thanks thephoenixlodge

+ /#containing now supports --dimension, --list and --maze

* Preview dummies are no longer auto-canceling themselves on the client

* GenericTree now places correctly from saplings

* /#export now again works with /#export StructureName for overriding another structure (--id to use just the name, not the metadata)

+ /#export, /#convert and /#edit now support --directory and --id

* Stone now starts a little further underground for natural floor blocks

* Direction expression autocomplete now includes true and false

* /#natural smart no longer ignores its parameters

* Inventory generation tags are now sorted by the name in the creative menu


* Lots and lots of performance upgrades!!!

** Structures far less often cause cascading chunk generation!!!

*** This might cause missing parts in structures if they weren't fully generated before the update just once. Keep this in mind before updating.

** Skylight calculation is now deferred until the full structure is generated (this was 1/3 of structure generation time)!!

** Transformers no longer prepare if the conditions are not met

** Transformers no longer prepare if an ensure transformer fails (especially useful for forest performance)

+ failingStructureLogExpression: A config option to restrict logging of failing structures to keep logs cleaner

* Fixes The game crashing when loading advancements

* Fixes a freeze / crash in 1.12 on world generation

* If generation and transformer IDs are missing, consistently randomize them across loads. This fixes structures sometimes spawning with negative space blocks in the world

* /#sanity now checks for empty transformer and generation IDs


* /#vanilla gen is now more stable

* /#vanilla gen --seed is more meaningful by not being chunk-dependent anymore

* /#duplicate is now gone in favour of /#move --duplicate (or /#move -c)

* /#replace is now gone in favour of just /#fill 

+ /#move now has a --times option

+ /#property now has a --shape option

+ The block selector now selects over an infinite(ish) distance


* Structures are no longer cut at the chunk border!!

+ New Command: /#vanilla gen, which generates a vanilla structure (e.g. village or fortress)

+ /#whatisthis and /#vanilla check now check for vanilla structures too

* The game should no longer or at least less often crash with MissingMappingException (TileEntity is missing a mapping [...])

* Village structures can now choose to have no front (also good for unrotatable structures)


* Fix for two poem generation related crashes

* /#crop now has a fitting default exp value


* Command System overhaul!!! Almost every command changed in usage or even name! (The wiki will be updated to match soon)

+ /#& "command 1" "command 2" [..], which runs multiple commands at once! This is especially useful in conjunction with /#map and /#selection

* Poems are now more adjustable! It's now completely backus-naur based.


* Structures no longer generate in all dimensions at once!!! (whoops!)

* Sanity check and compatibility approach for dimensions that skip chunk population! (this means structures should now be able to generate in any dimension, whether previously compatible or not)

* New Command: /#sanity will go through a bunch of quick checks to make sure everything is more or less sane

* Fix for a few structures never generating

* Village structures no longer generate partially with the wrong biome's blocks 

* /#reload now roughly shows the kind of error if there was one

* The tile entity forwards compatibility is a bit better (fixing 'Skipping BlockEntity rcspawnscript' errors in lightweight mode)

* Structures now properly save their instance data for later, fixing multichunk issues left and right!

* Less crashes with multithreaded and cascading chunk generation (hopefully none anymore)!

* Trees will stop generating in non-hot, sandy biomes

* Generation Data will not be saved with a colon in the filename anymore, as that's illegal on most OSs (you might want to rename reccomplex_random.dat and reccomplex_generation.dat to reccomplex-random.dat and reccomplex-generation.dat, respectively)

* Fix for the maze generation crashes in lightweight mode (since loading the tile entities failed)

* Floating vines will occur less often
* Performance improvements

* Villages no longer generate huge networks of paths

* Structures in and out of villages aren't cut off at chunk borders (or chunk border +8) anymore!

* Chunk-partial generation is now a lot more efficient for big structures by skipping things that don't need to generate in the current chunk

* Mazes no longer generate the entries' structures for every single chunk


* Tile entities from 1.11 are now supported! This also fixes mazes created in 1.11. (1.10)

* Fix for a crash when inventory generators used null stacks

* Improvements to chunk-partial generation

* There are now less dead trees in forests on average

* Mazes can now have inherent reachability

* Fix for a crash with the ruins transformer where BoP plants, snow and other blocks existed for falling blocks

* Some GUI adjustments



+ The mod now ceases to require Forge on the other end as well, making servers open to vanilla clients!!!!

+ New surface-entry mazes for stone, meso and pyramid mazes!!!

+ Structure generation is now chunk-partial: This should improve performance and reduce chained chunk generation!!!

+ Structure Variables: With these you can set variables per structure to further randomize it, or save time for maze components!!!

+ 3 kinds of jungle temples holding mazes (thanks KeizerKronos)!!

+ Re-Activate a lot of structures that were lost in a past update!!

* With more tries per failed structure spawn, structure densities persist better with structures that fail to spawn often - also makes forests a lot denser!!

+ All existing mazes have been enhanced with more components, more randomness and quicker generation!!

+ Previews now work for bigger structures as well, and will never crash the game again!!

+ Expression conditionals: a ?? b :: c (ternary operator)!

* Better maze reachability prediction, which means mazes generate more quickly and more reliably!

* Script Blocks now work correctly in mazes!

+ /#flood which floods an area around the selection with blocks!

+ Japanese fort ruins (thanks Necr0manceR13)!

+ An abandoned church with a graveyard (thanks doktorpixel14)!

+ A rare, big cubone skull (thanks Crystal_LD)!

+ A decorational brick henge!

+ Some things now have duplicate buttons!

* Maze path components are now all the same structure (StoneMazePath, MesoMazePath and PyramidMazePath)

* Dinosaur skull and skeleton structures now use bone blocks

* Less structures that are just 1 block tall

* /#move now doesn't trigger block updates, making it run a lot quicker

* More and better logging

* Better ruins generation algorithm

* GUI aligns better in places

* GUI abbreviates things better

* Expression preview now colours the whole preview correctly

* The add/remove tile entity button in the inspector GUI works again

* wood_old slabs in structures have completely been replaced with actual wood slabs

* Fix for a potential crash when loading a structure spawn script



+ /#map and /#mapall that runs a (compatible) command on a structure and immediately saves it!

* Tile entities generation is now a lot more stable, especially in terms of modded tile entities!

+ /#writeall to write all existing files to the custom folder

* SpruceTree only consisted of two blocks, and a bunch of trees had wrong leaf types in them

+ Some links to the newly launched official Recurrent Complex repository!

+ On server start, ReC now outputs some links / help to get people started with modifying structures (opt-out in the config)

* Some trees were generating away from their saplings

* Items generate again in lightweight mode

* Commands using expressions now output the expression error if invalid



* Resource Expressions work again with casing (fixes structureLoadMatcher, structureGenerationMatcher etc.)

* Trees now also check the surrounding terrain on world generation. This makes forests less dense, but prevents trees from spawning inside each other. 

* Structures no longer spawn in biomes they're not supposed to on biome edges.

* Rocks no longer spawn in oceans

+ Replace and replace all transformers now get the NBT Editor GUI for entering the blocks' NBT values. Inventory Generation Tags also are now executed from these transformers' placed tile entities.

+ Frequent Structures no longer block bigger structures from spawning (can be adjusted in the individual structure files)

* Mazes generate a bit more reliably



+ Lots more village buildings!! (thanks gibraltarMC and Defoxx)

+ Improved Ruins Transformer!! Ruins now look a lot more dynamic and actually perform a lot faster, too.

* Mazes now generate a lot more reliably as well as fast!

* More big and huge mazes underground!

* Some trees spawning from saplings didn't spawn on the saplings!

* Big structures now spawn a lot faster (more performance)!
* Decoration sometimes crashed the game! (Now it only logs an error)

+ New Command! /#convertschematic directly converts a schematic file to a structure file.

* /#importschematic can now handle uncompressed schematic files

* Schematic Files now correctly load old vanilla tile entities that didn't before

* Natural Generation Categories can now try spawning structures more than once per biome (structureSpawnChances)

* /#fill and /#sphere now run a lot faster

* Some trees spawned where they shouldn't (and kept two more types of rocks from spawning)
* Fixed an issue that prevented some village buildings from spawning (whoops!)!

* Village Houses now rotate towards the street correctly

* Item Generation Component weight sliders now scale correctly like all weight sliders

* Generic Solid and Space blocks now appear in the creative menu again



+ Revamped inspector! You can now edit tile entity and entity metadata with it!!!

+ /#containing which searches all structures for a block / block expression being used!

* Generation Info expressions now work again (fixes tree leaves never being decayable)

* Script blocks made in earlier versions now correctly have on spawn enabled (fixes mazes in pyramids and similar)

* /#export now better predicts whether to save in active or inactive

* Changes in item collections didn't update the collections themselves

* The pattern ingredient screen no longer crashes

* /#pastegen works again!

* /#importschematic no longer crashes when a mod loads with invalid metadata

* Some more performance improvements

* Natural and Natural Air transformers can now customize which blocks to override

* Inventory Generation Components often crashed when editing the items

* Inventory generation components now save again!! (Thanks RiverC)



* Performance!!! World generation is about 2-3 times faster, sapling generation 3-4 times (fixing lag spikes in large forests)

* The game no longer crashes when ReC tries to load an unknown tile entity!

* /#paste works again!

* Generic space doesn't have a bounding box anymore

* More tooltips

* Compatibility with C&B in structures (requires next version of C&B)

* You are no longer being warned about generation layers on /#import

* Some big operations now warn the sender before running

Update for the latest Forge changes (resolves startup crash).



1.11 Update!



* Lots of GUI improvements - Scroll bars, resizeability, titles, symbols and more!!

* Script blocks are now triggerable via redstone (if so desired)!

* Chests generate loot again in all structures in lightweight mode!

* Certain functionality (e.g. export GUI) no longer crashes servers

* Fixed a crash that might occur if presets could not be found

* Setting the baseWeight_tree to 0 removed almost all trees from forests!

* More boulders and mounts! Also they now spawn in the frequent category to make space in the decoration category for more interesting structures!

+ /#eval, which quickly evaluates a dependency expression. Useful for testing global variables

* The generateNature option was being ignored

* Many village buildings spawned without a floor. Poor villagers.

* /#duplicate now tab completes

* Having a /#generate operation still in preview when loading an old world crashed the game



* baseWeights from the config were being ignored - whoops!

* RTG Compatibility: Trees don't overcrowd their biomes anymore (when their next release comes out)!

* Fix for the compatibility crash with PokeCube



+ /#remember to add a /#whatisthis entry!! This is also useful to mark areas as player creations to avoid retro-generating in them.!!

+ /#forget and /#forgetall to forget a /#whatisthis entry!

* lightweightMode has been moved the the General config category! Caution!

* The generateNature option works again

* Items generate again in lightweight mode

* Maze IDs didn't save properly

* Resources are now loaded from mods in order of dependency



+ You can now hide most ReC GUIs to look around in the world!

* GUIs now scale with the window a bit

* Spawn Script blocks now save again

* No more crash when editing the maze paths of a maze that has no rooms

* No more crash when adding a maze path

* No more ruins transformer crash when no decay was set



+ Structures are now loaded from the specific world save too. That means per-world progression!!

+ /#retro which retro-generates ReC in all biomes it has not yet generated!!

+ Spawn Tweaks option: Quickly adjust the spawn rates of structures from the config without editing them!!

+ All expressions now support true, false and global toggles you can add in the config file!!

+ Global toggle 'treeLeavesDecay' which allows you to disable the decay of the big new trees!

+ Spawn distance multiplier for natural spawn categories - that means you can now make structures spawn more often the further away they are from spawn!

+ /#write which can write any loaded file to any default resources folder !

+ /#delete which deletes a loaded file from its resources folder !

+ /#setbiome which sets the biome in the current selection. Good for structure-themed biomes!

* Mazes now finally, finally support mirror and are a lot more reliable overall!

+ /#selecting which runs a command that requires a selection (e.g. /#setbiome). This enables those commands in spawn scripts!

+ /#as which runs a command as another entity !

* Saplings will no longer disappear when the tree refuses to grow

* Preset selection now looks a lot nicer, as well as other stuff in the GUI
* The structure min cap now respects spawn weight

* Single item generation tags now have a spawn chance

* Dependency matchers can now depend on inventory generators, presets etc.

* Some generated furnaces now contain coal left in there
* The ruins transformer now looks a bit better

* Trees are even more mindful of where they spawn now

* Item tags now also generate in chest minecarts and the likes

* Books now generate properly again. Anyone else dearly missed poems? :D

* Presets are less prone to crash if the preset file is missing.



+ Over 40 new structures (in the nether, overworld, and as natural tree spawns)!!! 

+ Sapling Generation: Growing saplings can now generate beautiful hand-built structures!!

+ Decoration Generation: Completely replace tree/mushroom generation of vanilla with more interesting foliage!!

+ Placers: Completely new structure placement logic. This allows safe spawning on the surface, the nether, end, caves and wherever else!!

+ Preset saving: You can now define and use your own presets for biomes, dimensions, blocks, transformers and placers!

+ Property transformer to easily replace a property by name and value! (Also available as /#property)

* Expression results now scroll with you as you edit the expression for easier usage

+ /#wand which selects the whole structure if it has been cut out

* Generation in general is now a lot faster

* Natural air now checks for flying foliage and removes it to look better

* Natural air and natural floor now perform a lot better and look nicer

+ Ensure transformer: Ensure certain criteria to be fulfilled before spawning the structure!

* Negative space transformers can now limit the destination blocks (e.g. only act if the resulting block is stone)

* Lots of new variable types for different expressions

+ /#genat which allows you to specify a special entity as reference to where to spawn the structure

+ /#gen can now specify with what generation info to spawn

* Static generation works again

* Improvements to natural floor / space spawning

* Lots of improvements to existing structures

* Generic floor / pillar transformer didn't work correctly in villages

* Randomize buttons now take less space

* Village pieces now don't try to save instance data when there is none (fixes crash in sponge)

* Tooltips are now often over the menu items' titles rather then the elements instead, to be less invasive

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