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This mod was made for ModJam, a 96 hour modding competition. It was made in a total of around 17 hours trough 3 days. You can watch the streams of the creation of the mod below:

Day 1 (8:23:59)
Day 2 (7:20:19)
Day 3 (2:15:39)

So what is this, you ask? ReCubed is a statistics mod, it shows you stuff. All sorts of stuff you may or may not want to know. So let's get on to it.



  • Server Side persistent statistics.
  • In-depth statistics of everything that happened.
  • Real time pie chart and scoreboard stat visualisation (with configurable update interval).
  • Commands for server owners.


Remember when I said it tracked all sorts of stuff? I wasn't kidding.

  • Animals Sheared
  • Arrows Shot (differentiates Shots and Critical Shots)
  • Blocks Broken
  • Boss Kills
  • Cows Milked
  • Damage Dealt
  • Damage Taken
  • Deaths
  • Dimensions Travelled
  • Discs Played
  • Ender Eyes Used
  • Ender Pearls Thrown
  • Entities Killed
  • Entities Ridden
  • Experience Collected
  • Food Eaten
  • Items Broken
  • Items Dropped
  • Items Picked Up
  • Items Spawned
  • Levels Gained
  • Messages Sent (differentiates all commands)
  • Potions Affected By
  • Potions Drank
  • Potions Thrown
  • Sheep Dyed (differentiates colors)
  • Snowballs Thrown
  • Times Fished (differentiates casts and catches)
  • Times Logged In
  • Times Slept

All stats get subcategories, so for example, Blocks Broken shows how many blocks of each type you broke, Damage Taken shows what type of damage you took, etc.


How to Use

Using the mod is simple, to start off, open your inventory and click the little cogwheel next to your character (if you don't like this, you can swap it for a keybind in the config file).

(NOTE: Newer versions may have a different icon on the left instead, same gist)

You'll get the above screen. There's a few options in the bottom, mess with them a bit and look at the bottom right corner of your screen to see the changes. You can press Move HUD to change where it's at. (tip, use the WASD keys to snap the HUD to the corners of the screen!).

Pressing View Stats will open the stat viewer screen. This is where it all happens. The list on the left shows all stats being tracked (stats in grey are stats you have no data on). Clicking one of the stats will show a pie chart of the top players (the pie charts only show the 10 most prevalent entries to prevent clutter). You can click the players' slices of the pie to view their stats, or type in someone's name to view their stats (case they aren't in the graph). Clicking "Your Stats" on the bottom shows you your stats.

When viewing stats, if you want to see what values a stat has, if the stat isn't present in the pie chart, simply typing it in will let you see what values it has. Lastly, pressing ENTER will track the stat you're looking at (be it the top players or the top stats for a given player).

This is the Ingame HUD, it displays the top 15 values for any stat you chose, in a scoreboard format. If you're looking at the stats of a player, anything below that gets coupled into an "others" stat, if you're looking at the top players and you don't happen to be in that list, you'll still appear at the end, alongside your rank in the server.


Admin commands and modder API are available on the original thread (see link at start of post)


Source Code

If you have any problems with the mod or just want to contact me, you can find me on Twitter (@Vazkii) or IRC (#vazkii on