Reasonable Realism

15,537 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 17, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

Note: This project is obsolete. The updates for 1.10.2 are available for the individual mods, but I may not continue to provide a single file download.  You can find the individual downloads at the bottom as well as a link to the forum thread.


Reasonable Realism is a pack and a mod.  That's right, it's both.

There's actually four sub-mods (not including the library parent mod three of them depend on).  Each mod works just fine on its own, of course, but together they're even better, as each sub-mod addresses alterations to a single aspect of Minecraft:

  • Mining and Resources (Harder Ores*)
  • The Underground (Harder Underground*)
  • Wildlife, Animals, and Farming (Harder Wildlife*)
  • Automation (Expanded Industry)

*Requires HardLib

(View all files to pick just one or use the handy dandy download button to get them all.)

You will need Custom Ore Generation, at least v1.2.18 as well.  COG is used by the submods for some world generation features.


Reasonable Realism is about making the game more challenging and applying a handful of real world ideas into the mix.  It's supposed to be fun.


This jar contains:


See the forum thread for more detail and discussion.


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