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Harvest your animals in the most cursed way possible.

By using the Reaper you can harvest food from animals as if you had killed them, but without the guilt of killing them - the reaper tool simply cuts off most of the animal, making them a child again - science!


  • Obtain 4 types of reaper, the Iron Reaper, the Gold Reaper, the Diamond Reaper, and the Netherite Reaper. The sharpness and cooldown system means each has its own benefits and drawbacks!
  • Reap animals to turn them into babies and drop meat; reap babies to kill them and drop bones!
  • Reap players or villagers to drop Suspicious Meat and make them small!
  • Put a reaper in a dispenser to automate your crimes!
  • Fight a new kind of pillager, who carries a reaper and will reap any villagers it finds during a raid!
  • Enjoy our compatibility with other mods such as Harvest Scythes.

Demo GIF

The reapers can be crafted like so:

Diamond Reaper Recipe

Available for Forge, Fabric, and Quilt.