Utility Belt

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Utility Belt


Free your hotbar.


Utility Belt is a mod for the Fabric & Quilt mod loaders that allows you to clean up valuable hotbar space.


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Environment: Both Mod Loader: Fabric Mod Loader: Quilt



Utility belts must be crafted and placed into the belt trinket slot in order to be used.

utility Belt Crafting Recipe



  • B: Swap to utility belt (toggle)
  • N: Swap to utility belt (hold)
  • ': Open utility belt GUI


To insert items into the utility belt, use one of the following methods:

  • Right-click on the utility belt with other items (like the bundle)
  • Hold shift with a utility in your hand and use one of the swap keys
  • Open the GUI






Modpack Creators

If you are a modpack creator wishing to modify the list of tools that can be inserted into the utility belt, you may use the allow_in_utility_belt item tag. Hopefully this will be a rare case, as compatibility with other mods should be automatic (report it if you think something's missing!).


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