Realm Of Yendor's Artifacts of the Lost

4,199 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 13, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

--NOTE: Curse is currently disabled in recent versions due to some issues it caused. It is being reworked and will re-release with the 0.3(deities) update.


-A unique identification system akin to that of nethack, in every world, an item's appearance will vary, once discovered, however, the item's unique use will display on the tooltip.
-Varying item effects may based on their BUC(Blessed/Uncursed/Cursed) status.

-A (very) work in progress deity system randomly selecting gods, each with an allignment and based off of some mythology(Greek,Roman,Egyptian,Norse)

-And plenty more to come! With around 30 ring appearances, and even more randomized scroll names(both based off of those in nethack), there is plenty of room for expansion in the future, which I intend to do.


This mod is very work in progress and was created in 6 days for ModOff. Updates have continued for ROYAL since modoff, and will continue into the future.


Future plans:

Polymorphing(Rendering code already written)

Improved deity system(Gain abilities, much like in DCSS, and gain artifacts(some will be named after users who provide good feedback/ideas for my mod))



How to get started with ROYAL:

Reddit Link(Good and informative):

 Old Documentation(less information):

All of the scrolls and rings can be gotten through monster drops, which is how you are most likely going to get them at first. Before using an Item, you may want to check it's BUC(Blessed/Uncursed/Cursed) status. Cursed rings cannot be removed, and some cursed scrolls provide negitive effects. In order to do this, you can right click on a Pet(Buggy), or on a Priest(Villager). A pet will give you an indicator if the item is cursed, but will not show whether the item is blessed or not. Priests will identify the item and add it's BUC status to the item's tooltip. Scrolls that affect items usually affect the ones in the offhand slot. Rings can be access through the baubles menu, as baubles is a dependency for ROYAL. If you want an alternate way to get ROYAL's items, you can consider sacrificing gold to a god. Right now, the deity system is very work in progress, but it will be improved in the future. A neutral altar will sometimes(33%) give an item when sacrificed at, in order to get an altar, type "#pray" and then type a, b, or c depending on which altar you want. In order to do this, there must be at least 9 gold nuggets in hand, which will be consumed on use. Other altars, in order to get sacrifice rewards, require a brewing stand, which will be placed on the altar. After placing water bottles into the brewing stand, a sacriface will bless, or curse sometimes(if chaotic) the water bottles, and destroy the brewing  stand. In order to sacrifice to an altar, simply right click on the altar with gold.


In order to find out what items do, experiment with the above in mind, and you should be able to figure out what an item does most of the time, if not, a scroll of identify can be used in order to identify an item without using it.



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