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About The Mod

The mod provides your Minecraft world either Server, Lan, or Single Player a real-time based on the location the world is being run from. The time in the game will take into account the exact minute for the host and convert the time into ticks that the game then sets the time for the world. This makes nights and days much longer. The full-day/night cycle is now on a 24-hour time period. More features are planned such as taking into account moon phases and other environmental features.

World Time

  • The time of the world will be set to the host's computer time.
  • If you host the server from a service provider then it will be the time where the server is located.
  • If your running a LAN server it will be the same computer time as the person hosting the world on LAN.
  • As of 1.3.0, it is possible to offset the time using game rules.


  • There is a calendar that you can access using the key "C" by default.
  • A purple star will indicate the day of the month the host is currently on.
  • The months will auto-update based on the host time.
  • This allows for a more realistic aspect of the game seeing the date and time and even the year on the calendar. 
  • A golden start will now show for the day and month the world was created.
  • Calendars have some seasonal events widely known.
  • New Year's Day (Jan 1st)
  • Valentine's Day (Feb 14th)
  • Saint Patricks Day (Mar 17th)
  • April Fools (Apr 1st)
  • MCreator's BDay (May 1st)
  • Halloween (Oct 31st)
  • Minecraft's BDay (Nov 18th)
  • Christmas (Dec 25th)

Game Rules

This mod takes control over "doDaylightCycle" and sets the value to false to prevent the time of day from needing to be reset for each tick. If you remove the mod the value will need to be updated to true again.


  • Calendar menu.
  • Seasons settings for north/south hemisphere.
  • Support for Astronomical, Meteorological, and Solar season systems.
  • Serene Seasons Support
  • Calendar event icons
  • Calendar world anniversary icons.
  • Monthly moon cycle.
  • Real-time cycles.
  • 24-hour clock (host's time)
  • Time and date offset

More Information

You can find more information on the GitHub Wiki. Above there is a wiki tab that will take you to the main Wiki page.

Non-Scope Requests

  • Fabric version
  • Reason: Compiling issues with the base code system, it's not possible to design the mod around this issue.
  • Backporting
  • Reason: Maintaining more than two versions takes too much time and would require me to work around limited features on older MCreator versions.

Made with MCreator.

This modification is proudly made with MCreator, the mod page can be found here here.