Raw [Fabric]

530 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 23, 2022 Game Version: 1.19   +2

Welcome to the Raw mod! This mod adds raw items and blocks for every ore that doesn't have one, that includes:

  • Raw Coal
  • Raw Coal Block
  • Raw Lapis-Lazuli
  • Raw Lapis-Lazuli Block
  • Raw Redstone
  • Raw Redstone Block
  • Raw Diamond
  • Raw Diamond Block
  • Raw Emerald
  • Raw Emerald Block

You will obtain the items when breaking the ore, you can smelt them to get the ore and you can use 9 raw items to craft a raw block. So yes, you need to smelt raw coal with wood to obtain coal. It also adds a new advancement called "Raw to the Core!" which you can obtain if you have all 8 raw ores in your inventory at the same time. This mod is for Minecraft 1.19, only for Fabric. I will update to 1.19.1 when it releases.


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