Rats: RatN Edition


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RatN is a fork of alex1the1666's Rats for 1.12.2, made for the Rebirth of the Night modpack. Like our other mods and forks, this fork is made by a collaborative effort of the dev team, recruited and/or commissioned mod developers, and community members. Credit goes to Davoleo for getting the project started! Our goal is to give back to the MC modding community by providing as many config options and customization for modpack developers, as well as fixing any bugs that may occur. We plan to continue support for 1.12.2 for quite some time.

More changes will follow in the future, and we will update this fork if Alex decides to continue updating the 1.12.2 version of Rats. Please make suggestions and make bug reports on our GitHub! Thank you!

Changes from the original Rats mod:

- The Plague effect is now divided into stages, from I to IV.
- Stage 1: Healing rate and effectiveness reduced by 50%
- Stage 2: All forms of HP regen blocked
- Stage 3: Player occasionally takes damage over time
- Stage 4: Consistent damage until death. Plague effect ends. Player maximum HP is reduced by X% until <y item> is consumed.
- Configurability for max health restore item, plague effect duration, stage duration, max health debuff amount, stage 1 healing multiplier, stage 3 damage and frequency, and stage 4 damage.

- Config option to disable Plague Doctor conversion to Black Death when struck by a lightning (From 3.2.19)