Randomizer is a mod that is intended to be used in a modpack.

Every time you break a block, you don't get the drop, but instead a random item! This mod automatically detects modded items and will drop a random item from vanilla Minecraft and your modpack.

Keep in mind, this mod gives a random block every time. That means dirt might give you diamonds one time, and bedrock the next.

This mod does work in a server, but make sure to use the right version.


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If I break the same block twice, will I get the same output? Not necessarily.

Can I use this in a modpack? Of course! As long as you link this page in the description of your modpack, nothing else is required, although I'd love it if you dropped a comment so I can check yours out!

What about in a YouTube video or some other form of content? Same as in a modpack.



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