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I've always found rails a bit useless for transport when you get an elytra or build a nether highway.

So I tried to fix that with this mod by making it possible to teleport to the end of a rail from a station block. 

Warning: this is my first mod and is more of a quick prototype, so it's far from bug free and optimized.



Railstone is a mod that adds one block: Station block

With the station block you can teleport to the other side of a railway.


All you need to do is place down the Station block next to a rail.

Then right click the station to teleport to the other end of your railway.


If the block can't find a rail it will notify you in the chat.

note: even tho it might look like you need 2 station blocks for it to work, this is not the case. But if you only have 1 station block it is a one way trip :).



Railstone setup



Station block crafting recipe


Any feedback is welcome.





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