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Filename Railcraft_1.7.10-
Uploaded by Covert_Jaguar
Uploaded Sep 13, 2014
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 3.26 MB
Downloads 2,252
MD5 14199e5ab2cbf14ad0bc31989f2b6852
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


NEW: Added Electric Locomotive, powered by Electric Tracks or Ic2 Energy Carts.
NEW: Added Electric Tracks, they power Electric Locomotives and cause damage to living entities when powered. The Engineer's Overalls will protect you from damage.
NEW: Added Electric Shunting Wire, made from Copper, Paper, and Lead in a Rolling Machine. Use it to connect Electric Tracks across gaps and non-electrified tracks in the line. Place under the track.
NEW: Added Wire Support Frames. Required in order to place Track on Shunting Wire. Place wire, then click with Frame in hand (other way around works too).
NEW: Locomotives will have their name and destination displayed above them. There will probably be some way to hide/disable this in the future.
NEW: Added Copper/Tin Blocks.
NEW: Added Lead and associated Poor Ore, Nuggets, Ingots, and Blocks.
NEW: Added Metals Chest, a chest that condenses any metal nuggets or ingots inserted into it blocks. Good for dealing with multiple OreDictionary variants of metals.
CHANGE: Ic2 Energy Carts can be used to power the Electric Locomotive. To offset this, theses carts now have a lower speed than normal carts. This can be countered by adding multiple Locomotives.
CHANGE: Gear recipes modified to be less dependant on Buildcraft. Now requires a Tin Bushing as the core instead of Stone Gears.
CHANGE: Steam Turbine moved from Ic2 Module to Electric Module. No longer requires Ic2.
FIX: Fixed NBT errors with Routing Table, it should be usable now. Sorry!
FIX: Fixed tooltip localizations on many items and fixed many other localization issues elsewhere.
FIX: Fixed texture shearing on Posts/Platforms.
FIX: Fixed issues with Engineer's Overalls not breaking when preventing damage.
FIX: Fixed version check localization and redirected away from my ailing Dropbox.
FIX: CraftGuide API files are no longer included in the Jar. This is somewhat experimental but no issues with CraftGuide integration reported so far.
API: Added IElectricMinecart to allow carts to transfer power throughout the train.