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QwerTech: We do what we must... BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME

Welcome, fellow aficionado of fine mods! Technological transformers, magical manipulators, realism reimaginers, you've come to the right salesplace. Can't figure out that doohickey? Not enough rewards at the end of all that processing? Need more challenges to chase than just finding and grinding fifty thousand ores so you can find and grind them better? QwerTech is the addon for you! 


Crafting Anvils display their grid and results in the world

All 16 varieties of Corrugated Wall


 Genetic mobs! Lots of chicken varieties, all of which can crossbreed!

- Achievements. A guide to help you from the Stone Age to the Nuclear Age, with experience rewards and side-quests.
- 3D tool models for GregTech tools. Now your hammer looks like a hammer.

- New QwerTech tools. Everything from slingshots to maces to baseball bats, each with their own unique purpose, plus sturdy versions of vanilla tools.
- More building blocks. Corrugated walls for industrial construction.
- More mobs. Turkeys can be found in forests and bred with corn, while Bullfrogs proliferate in swamps.

- More foods. Pizzas are made with tomato sauce and mozzarella instead of ketchup and sliced moon cheese. Chicken wings can be cooked or fried.

- Harder zombies. Now with tools more effective than iron spoons and butter swords.


Want to try it in a modpack? Try Bear's Den GT6 Lite!


Want to read the docs, or help keep them up to date? See QwerTech on the FTB wiki!

Want to make suggestions or ask questions? Leave a comment, or join the GregTech Help Discord channel!


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