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Adds a keybind for using a spyglass anywhere in your inventory. (default key: C)

Can be used _client-side only_, but server-side presence allows changing the item required to use the keybind.

**This mod is only for _Fabric_, Forge support is planned once it's out of beta!**

Now with Trinkets support! By default, a spyglass can be equipped in your belt slot if the Trinkets mod is present on both client and server, as well as Quick Spyglasser being present on both sides.

Mod Compatibility

Cloth Config API - required dependency, needed on the respective side
Fabric API - required dependency, needed on the respective side
Trinkets* - optional dependency, needed on both sides
Mod Menu - optional dependency, needed only on the client side

*Trinkets version must be ≥3.0.2

Config options

Client (editable in Mod Menu settings)
  • show spyglass overlay
  • play spyglass sound
  • use cinematic mode when zoomed
  • set mouse sensitivity when zoomed
  • set item required for using the keybind
  • /(quickspyglasser|qs) config quickSpyglassItemId [item]


  • Spyglass model rendering and animations
  • Forge port