Questionably Immersive

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Questionably Immersive is a work-in-progress general purpose content add-on for Immersive Engineering. Its goal is to introduce a wide variety of tools and machines that expand on the already rich IE experience. Though the real-life feasibility of some of the machines may be indeed "questionable", extensive work is put into ensuring that Questionably Immersive meets the quality standards set by IE. The mod gives pack developers and users an extensive set of configuration options so that it can easily fit in any modpack that includes Immersive Engineering.


Mod Information

Questionably Immersive has a variety of content in various stages of completion. So far, the only content available in the beta builds here is the Coke Oven Battery, an upgraded version of the base Coke Oven that takes some inspiration from Immersive Integration's Industrial Coke Oven. If you'd like to build the dev branch of the repo for yourself to use unfinished content, feel free to do so.


Played with the beta and have suggestions? I'm looking for feedback here (if you don't have a GitHub account, feel free to offer feedback in the CurseForge comments or on the Discord.)


Questionably Immersive is in open beta and may be unstable! Incomplete features are disabled, but a small portion of mod content is available to play around with.



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