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Quark Delight



📖 About

Quark Delight is an add-on for Farmer's Delight that adds compatibility with Quark.
It's recommended to play with JEI and Appleskin to view recipes and food stats in-game.

📖 Main Features

  • Quark ropes fit with Farmer's Delight recipes.
  • New useful foods for adventures and world exploration.
  • New cutting board recipes for processing and recycling of several Quark items.
  • Added missing recipes for stripping quark logs/wood on a cutting board
  • Blaze Lantern as a heat source for cooking pot and skillet.
  • Lightweight and compatible with most mods via forge tags.

📖 Detailed Description

The description refers to the 1.20.1 version of the mod. Other versions (1.18.2 and 1.19.2) are very similar, but still has some differences, which are listed at the bottom of the this list.

Cutting Board Recipes

  • [Knife]
  • Bamboo Block = 9 Bamboo
  • Bamboo Mat = 2 Stick, 2 Bamboo
  • Bamboo Mat Carpet = 1 Stick, 1 Bamboo
  • Crab Shell = 2 Red Dye, 2 Bone Meal
  • Thatch Block/Stairs = 1 Wheat

  • [Shears]
  • Forgotten Hat = 2 Leather, 2 Gray Dye

  • [Axe]
  • Any Quark Log/Wood = 1 Stripped Log/Wood, 1 Tree Bark (depends on wood type)
  • Any Quark Hollow Log = 1 Tree Bark (depends on wood type)
  • Any Quark Door/Trapdoor/Sign = 1 Planks (depends on wood type)

  • [Pickaxe]
  • Glass = 4 Clear Glass Shard
  • Dirty Glass = 4 Dirty Glass Shard
  • Any Stained Glass = 4 Stained Glass Shard (depends on glass type)

  • [Netherite Pickaxe]
  • Blaze Lantern = 2 Blaze Powder, 2 Blaze Rod (50%)

Food & Meals

  • Crab Bars - simple food, can be eaten faster than most foods. Recipe: Crab Leg + Any Raw Fish + Bone Meal.
  • Bowl of Exotic Fruits - gives Regeneration and few exp orbs. Recipe: Ancient Fruit + Melon Slice + Chorus Fruit + Bowl.
  • Lush Moss Salad - gives Glowing and Regeneration. Recipe: 2 Moss Paste + Glow Berry + Bowl.
  • Cavern Explorer Stew - gives Night Vision and Haste. Cooking Recipe: Glow Shroom + Glow Ink Sac + Any Vegetable. Served on Bowl.
  • Crab Pasta - gives Nourishment. Cooking Recipe: Raw Crab Leg + Raw Pasta + Any Vegetable. Served on Bowl.
  • Miso with Bamboo Sprouts - gives Comfort. Cooking Recipe: Stripped Bamboo Block + Any Fish + Onion + Moss Paste + Dried Kelp. Served on Bowl.
  • Bucket of Sweet Gelatine - gives Jump Boost. Returns a bucket upon eating. Cooking Recipe: Bucket of Slime + Wheat + Sugar. Don't require an item to serve on.
  • Cooked Whole Crab - gives Nourishment and Resilience. Cooking Recipe: Crab Shell + 2 Crab Leg + Rice + Dried Kelp. Served on Bowl.
  • Cloud Latte - a drink that gives Slow Falling. Cooking Recipe: 2 Cocoa Bean + Sugar + Any Milk. Served on Cloud in a Bottle.

Other Changes

  • Safety Net can be crafted with 4 Quark's Ropes. 
  • Quark Ropes can be converted to Farmer's Delight Ropes via crafting.
  • Blaze Lantern is hot! It now become a valid heat source to use Cooking Pot and Skillet on top of it.
  • Parrot Eggs can be used for cooking recipes. You wouldn't seriously consider using this feature, would you..?

Version Differences

  • [1.19.2] Quark's backported bamboo blocks have cutting board recipes that requires an axe.
  • [1.19.2] Miso with Bamboo Sprouts is crafted with Quark's stripped bamboo block, since such vanilla block does not exist here.
  • [1.18.2] No Ancient Fruit Crate or recipes related to ancient tree or its fruits.
  • [1.18.2] Bowl of Exotic Fruits recipe requires a regular apple and glow berries instead of ancient fruit. It now also gives less exp.
  • [1.18.2] Miso with Bamboo Sprouts has lower stats, recipe requires a vanilla bamboo instead of block.
  • [1.18.2] No recipes related to bamboo blocks, mats. 

📖 Credits

Created by NoCube (YouTube). Used Programs: MCreator, Blockbench, PaintNet.
Some palettes and texture shapes were closely inspired by both required mods to better match it visually.
Screenshots were taken with Complementary Reimagined shaders.

📖 Permissions & FAQ

You are allowed to include this mod in videos and modpacks as long as download link leads to this curseforge page.
You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other websites and launchers, nor use any mod assets in other projects.
Not available for Aternos. Fabric or Bedrock ports are not planned.