Quality Quails

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Introducing Quail's the new chicken alternative that you can find in the Taiga. But aren't they just chickens skinned to look like something else? NO these adorable little feathered friends have their own models, and have their own sounds(though admittedly this sound is edited form of parrots...) They grow a bit faster on average then chickens, and will ALWAYS produce two babies instead of one when breeding! They lay their own eggs which are in fact compatible with any vanilla egg recipes. As opposed to wheat seeds, Quails prefer beetroot!




To address the topic of omaypaty, it is true that I had seen the model from their discord. But they never used it and I believed at the time had scrapped the idea. I have since had contact with them and they have expressed they were fine with being listed as a contributor. I did not rip this model from any mod of theirs's. I saw a screenshot and I assembled and textured it from scratch to the best of my ability, mostly for practice. I wanted to make this mod for myself, and if I'm gonna make a mod I might as well share it is my motto. Full credit for the original model idea on the adult goes to them. And they are now listed as a contributor for such.



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