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PurpleIRC is an IRC to Minecraft bridge mod. This mod supports running multiple bots on multiple channels. This mod utilizes the PircBotX Java IRC framework (included in the mod jar). This is a port of the Bukkit PurpleIRC plugin and can installed as a server mod or client mod.


PurpleIRC Logo


  • Relay chat from game to IRC and vice versa.
  • Relay game events to IRC.
  • Relay IRC events to game.
  • Translate colors from game to IRC and vice versa.
  • Fully configurable message templates.
  • Enable or disable any chat feature to and from the game.
  • Most of the configuration options are per bot and per channel.
  • Each bot can join multiple channels.
  • Automatically op IRC users based on user masks.
  • Control and protect the IRC topic.
  • Manage IRC channel modes.
  • Automatically reconnect to the IRC server on disconnect.
  • Respond to commands in IRC chat.
  • Send any command to the game via the console.
  • Supports prefixes and suffixes. (see sample config for details)
  • Monitor player command usage.
  • Great for cross server chatting.
  • Update checker will make external HTTP connections to check for new versions.
  • SSL/TLS support.


  1. See the Wiki for the most current documentation.