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About Scavenger

This is a continuation of the Scavenger plugin originally written by SirHedgehog. This plugin will automatically recover items for players after they die.



  • Automatic item recovery at death.
  • Individual item recovery based on permissions if enabled.
  • Automatic level and experience recovery at death.
  • Supports SuperPerms
  • Supports Vault based economies.
  • Persistent recoveries. If the server is stopped before a player can recover inventory the inventory is saved to disk.
  • Slot based recovery

How to install

Just drop the jar file in your plugins directory and restart your server. Configure permissions.



Scavenger hooks into several plugins to play nice with their inventory controls.

Scavenger also hooks into Residence to provide item recovery override per residence.

Scavenger also hooks into Factions to provide item recovery override in enemy territory.

Scavenger optionally hooks into authentication plugins via Authenticator. Update the config.yml accordingly. More info here.


  • To use an economy plugin you will need Vault and an economy plugin.


  • scavenger.scavenge - Enable item recovery
  • scavenger.scavenge.damage_cause
  • scavenger.level - Enable level recover
  • scavenger.exp - Enable experience points recovery
  • scavenger.free - Free item recovery
  • scavenger.reload - Reload config
  • scavenger.drop.[ITEM] - If SingleItemDrops is true then don't recover these items.
  • scavenger.keep.[ITEM] - If SingleItemKeeps is true then only recover these items.
  • scavenger.self.on - Allows players to enable item recovery for themselves.
  • scavenger.self.off - Allows players to disable item recovery for themselves.
  • scavenger.disable - Allows players to completely disable Scavenger.
  • scavenger.enable - Allows players to completely enable Scavenger.
  • scavenger.list - Allows player to list all pending recoveries. (Purely informational)

If you enabled slot based recovery you will need to give each player a permission node for each slot.

  • Armour:
    • scavenger.armour.X - Armour slots where X is 0, 1, 2, or 3.
      • Armor: 0 = boots, 1 = leggings, 2 = chestplate, 3 = helmet
  • Inventory
    • scavenger.inv.X - Inventory slots where X is 0 to 35.
      • Inventory bar: 0 - 8
      • Inventory row 1: 9 - 17
      • Inventory row 2: 18 - 26
      • Inventory row 3: 27 - 35
  • Offhand (shield etc...)
    • scavenger.offhand.1


Q) How do I explicitly keep items?
A) Set SingleItemKeeps true. Then use scavenger.keep.[ITEM] to keep the ITEM.

Q) How do I explicitly drop items?
A) Set SingleItemDrops true. Then use scavenger.drop.[ITEM] to drop the ITEM.


  • /scvr - Reload configuration
  • /scvron - Self enable scavenger
  • /scvroff - Self disable scavenger
  • /scvrlist - List all pending recoveries




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