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This mod has been inspired by popular battle royale game - PUBG. In this mod I will try to remake the game into Minecraft.



Starting from version 1.6.3 custom config library is required. Link below

Configuration library


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Weapons with attachments


Healing items like Medkits, first aid kits

Booster items - energy drinks

Boost system - this allows you to gain health and speed boost

Loot generator blocks

Backpacks - you can use them to unlock more slots in inventory

Inventory limit - unlockable with backpacks

Players drop crates with their items on death

Different levels of armor

Ghillie suit

Flare guns to call airdrops



Crafting system for most items

Some props like fences to make your map feel better

Config - see below


Config (located in .minecraft/config/pubgmc.cfg)

In this file you can configure/turn off some features which you don't want to use

You have to use true/false in fields which have [default: true/false]

If you're supposed to fill in numbers, there's always defined range for the number



# [1]Loot render style inside loot generators; 0 = Off, 1 = Fast render, 2 = Fancy render [[2]range: 0 ~ 2, default: 2 [3]]
B:"Render loot inside loot spawners"=2[4]


[1] - There is always located simple description what you're changing

[2] - This is the range for the number you can fill into [4]field. This number must be 0,1 or 2!

[3] - Default value set by me

[4] - This is the number you're going to change

Loot spawning:


Loot doesn't generate by itself, you have to run /loot generate command.

Loot will be generated ONLY INSIDE LOADED loot spawners!

Loot gen customization:

Updated in 1.4.0-a!


/loot generate > this function will generate loot with it's current settings

If you have just started a new world you might want to run /loot reset in order to prepare default loot configuration!


How can I modify the loot generation?

Most useful is running the '/loot help' which will try to guide you in the right direction

There are multiple parameters you can modify:

- /loot set [help, toggleAirdropWeapons, toggleAmmoLoot, toggleRandomAmmoCount, weapon, chance]. Explaining everything here would take a lot of time, so I suggest you trying the /loot command and cycling throught options using the TAB key on your keyboard. 


- LMB >> Shoot

- RMB >> ADS/Scope

- R >> Reload

- B >> Change Firemode

- P >> Open attachments GUI

- You craft weapons inside Gun Workbench

- Not all weapons can take all attachments!

- 8x and 15x scopes are only for DMRs and Bolt action sniper rifles



To attach something to you weapon you have to press P to open GUI for attachments

Then put the weapon you want to modify into slot which is located in the centre of the GUI

Grab attachments you want to add to your weapon and put them into right slots.

To quickly attach anything to weapon, you can simply shift-click the items and they will be added into right slots

Be careful because you might lose attachments which are already on weapon when you add another attachment into it's slot. Make sure to always remove them from the gun first.



There are 2 version of airdrop:

- Regular airdrop - called from /airdrop command.

- Big airdrop - called from shooting flare straight into the sky

Loot is automatically generated when the airdrop lands unless you turn this feature off in the config.

Airdrops always contain top level armor and backpack + rare and powerful weapon + rare attachments and healing items.



LMB to throw close

RMB to throw far

If you're sprinting when you are throwing, the grenade will gain extra velocity and will fly further

- HE Grenade - In order to throw this grenade you have to first pull the pin and then throw - this allows you to "cook" the grenade for perfect timing

Grenades won't deal damage to players when you're playing in PEACEFUL mode!


- Smoke Grenade - provides temporary cover.

Water will extinguish the effect!


- Molotov - Molotovs explode on impact with ground and they will put everything on fire for short period of time. 

Players are also getting extra damage when they stand inside the fire!



You can gain boost by consuming energy drinks, painkillers or using adrenaline syringes

While you have boost active you will get 0.5 heart every x seconds.

When your boost is above 50% you'll also get speed boost + additional 0.5 heart bonus



There are multiple ways to heal in combat:

- Bandages

- First Aid kits

- Medkits

To use healing item, you have to hold right mouse button and wait until you consume the healing item. You won't be able to move much while healing.



In this mod you can find parachutes. You have to right click the parachute in order to open it.

Controls are simple. Look into the direction you want to go.

To drop down as fast as possible you have to look down under 40 degree angle to gain additional speed boost.


Some images from my mod:








Custom crafting table GUI


Loot spawners


4x Scope overlay (SMG, AR)


Mod should be working in multiplayer so invite your friends for even more fun.

You can now do battles with each other and see who is the best survivor.



Most images has been taken from my map which is in my modpack.