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This mod adds two things:

  1. A Crafting Station crafted with a vanilla crafting table on top of a barrel.
    • This block has a normal crafting inventory on top and a barrel's inventory below.
    • It can store items in the crafting grid.
    • The barrel-like inventory below is accessible to hoppers, but the crafting inventory is not.
  2. A new villager profession whose job site is the Crafting Station.
    • This villager type has no trades, but will use the Crafting Station to craft recipes if there is a valid recipe stored in the crafting grid and enough ingredients provided in the storage inventory below.
    • However, these villagers aren't very smart; they can only craft exactly the recipe you put in the grid (they won't make item tag substitutions), and they get confused when an ingredient isn't stackable.
    • They're also a bit shy, so they'll stare at you instead of crafting when you're nearby (unless you're invisible). This is by design.
    • You can speed up crafting by applying a speed status effect on them (with a Splash Potion of Swiftness, for example)

This mod is very much in progress, so things may change between the current version and 1.0.0.


  • In MC 1.14.x, this mod requires Fabric.


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