Project: Save the Pets!

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Project: Save the Pets!

Protect your pets from yourself and others!

FAQ, but no one asked these questions

Do I need the Fabric API?

Yup! It's used to temporary record the UUID and Name of new players that are joining.

Saving my teammate's pets?

If the team has friendly fire off, then you and your teammates cannot hurt each other's pets!
Note: This is using Vanilla Minecraft's Teams. If you would like me to add compatibility with another mod's team, please comment below and mention the mod to add.

Saving other player's pets?

If PvP is disabled for the server, then no one can hurt anyone's pet!

Is this client sided?

Nup! The mod is server sided. As in the client doesn't need it, but the server does!

Does my client need this mod?

Only for single player! If you are connecting to a server that already had it installed, you don't need it!

How do I remove a pet

Awww. It's sad that you don't want your pet anymore. You can untame a pet by holding down shift and right clicking with a shear. At least you don't have to kill them!

How does the mod store the UUID and Names of players?

It doesn't. That is usually handled by Minecraft itself. The mod reads the usercache.json file and loads the values from it.

Does LAN Multiplayer work with this mod?

It's untested, but should work perfectly fine!


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