Productive Bees

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Filename productivebees-1.18.2-
Uploaded by LobsterJonn
Uploaded Jun 20, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +1
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-- Added beekeeper villager profession
-- Wax and comb blocks can catch fire
-- Wax blocks burn indefinitely



- Added compressed iron bee (pneumaticcraft)
- Added iridium bee
- Added Pepto Beesmol (blame Shiny)
- Added nether bee nests spawning in Crimson and Warped Forest (textures by the lovely Lena)
- Added Red, Brown, Crimson and Warped shroom bees (textures by the lovely Lena)
- Fixed Fluix bee,
- Fixed bottler recipes
- Fixed a concurrency issue sometimes preventing load (thanks to Quinteger)
- Alternative recipes for Thermal bees spawn eggs



-- Fix bee tag conditions not working



-- Updated to Forge 40.0.34



-- Updated to Forge 40.0.18



-- Ported to 1.18.2

-- Fixed Lumber and Quarry bees only being able to produce from Feeding Slabs
-- Fixed shearing from dispensers causing crash
-- Fixed Quarry bees showing Lumber bees output in JEI
-- Fixed temper attribute picking the worst for offspring
-- Minor performance improvements

-- Added a bee nest helmet, it's all the buzz
-- Chips from Lumber and Quarry bees now show properly in JEI
-- Fixed bees duplicating
-- Added desh, ostrum and calorite bees (Beyond Earth)
-- Added support for new JEI API
-- Fixed and balanced some mixing recipes

-- Updated Russian translations, thanks to DrHesperus
-- Farmer and Collector/Hoarder Bees now operate in an area around their home hive instead of themselves
-- Hives can now hold range upgrades which extend the operating area of Farmer and Collector/Hoarder Bees
-- ATM bees have been rebalanced
-- Releasing a bee on a flower block or a hive now correctly associates the bee with that location
-- Block conversion recipes now uses fuzzy match when checking a blockstate, fixing anvil repairing not working
-- Fixed milky comb output
-- Fixed AE2 spatial bee comb output
-- Fixed ars nouveau bee
-- Remove obsidian from Draconic bee flowers
-- Fixed problems when Electrodynamics is installed

-- Fixed nocturnal bees not working at night
-- Fixed weather tolerant bees not working in bad weather
-- Fixed crash with honey fluid in feeding slabs
-- Fixed crash when hitting an expansion box with a stick
-- Added better support for FTB Quests
-- Added support for custom breeding items and amount. Only Draconic bees have a custom item by default.
-- Dragon egg hives double production output
-- New GUI for breeding and bee conversion recipe categories
-- Re-enabled all Patchouli support
-- Added fluid pollination
-- Added Oily (Beyond Earth) and Salty bees
-- Fixed some recipes

-- Added Dragonsteel bees (iceandfire)
-- Added Fluix Bee (appliedenergistics2)
-- Added Grave Bee (tombstone)
-- Added Regenerative and Hematophagous Bees (bloodmagic)
-- Type genes can no longer be combines with attribute genes on a honey treat
-- Fixed bumblebee boost
-- Fixed Create compat recipes
-- Fixed advancement spam

-- Re-added WAILA and TOP support
-- Comb Block upgrade no longer work for combs, only on output from Lumber and Quarry bees
-- Productivity and Comb block Upgrade recipes altered

-- New textures for nest locator
-- Updated to Forge 38.0.12
-- Fixed a world gen crash

-- New textures for upgrades and bee cages thanks to Dani Boye