Productive Bees

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Filename productivebees-1.17.1-
Uploaded by LobsterJonn
Uploaded Sep 30, 2021
Game Version 1.17.1   +2
Size 2.45 MB
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MD5 9bd0c6ed4b5737da0c66ad8c46367f7d
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Java 16
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-- Fixed crash when throwing bee bombs
-- Fixed crash when entity lands on a hive

-- Honey Generator can now use upgrades
-- Added Tetra Geode bee which can convert stones into geodes
-- Added prismarine bee which can be caught in the ocean
-- Added Quartz Enriched Iron bee (Refined Storage)
-- Added gene indexer, a big inventory capable of merging gene stacks. Needs redstone signal to operate.
-- Added bee sampler hive upgrade to extract genes from bees in a totally humane and slow way
-- Added JEI integration for Bottler recipes
-- Added Spanish locale (Thanks to Vicus6)
-- Added Draconium and Awakened bees for Draconic Evolution
-- Hives can now be crafted using any type of comb
-- Fixed fluid comb output problems

-- Removed dependency on java.awt package as it does not exist on all systems

-- Disabled honey fluid block

-- Added wax item and block. It can be used to wax copper in a more immersive way. No longer do you have to worry about getting honey on your fingers when waxing your blocks. It's also a fuel.
-- Added cold resistance for frosty bee
-- Added block conversion recipe for obsidian to crying obsidian with a Draconic bee
-- Fixed a crash when trying to render non-existing combs
-- Fixed crash when forcing bees to leave a nest

-- Fixed blocks not being mineable

-- Fixed tags related to copper bees

-- Fixed some bee models not rendering
-- Fixed a bunch of block entities not ticking

-- 1.17.1 port