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Filename productivebees-1.16.5-
Uploaded by LobsterJonn
Uploaded Apr 4, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +3
Size 2.52 MB
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-- Fixed crash when using the bee Incubator
-- Added a new filter upgrade for the beehive and catcher
-- Increased Nest Locator search range to 100 blocks
-- Added delay for bee data sync between server and client
-- Changed Tinkers Construct bees to match beta release

-- Fixed bees receiving too many attribute modifiers causing big chunk saves

-- Fixed game events not firing causing invisible bees and other issues

-- Fix client crash when interacting with BumbleBee

-- Fix invisible bees
-- Added advancements for rideable bumblebee

-- Fix server start error
-- Fix incorrect flowerTag on Vibranium bee



-- Rideable BumbleBee
-- Added support for squashing vanilla bees
-- Fix honey bucket being used up in recipes
-- Mystical Agriculture bee recipe changes
-- Fix crash when hive contains removed bees
-- Extreme reactor uranium/yellorium support

-- New Thermal bee textures thanks to Reda from the COFH team.
-- Fixed output from hives and centrifuges not stacking
-- Fixed bottle filling from centrifuge and bottler acting weird
-- Fixed bees sometimes having heart attacks

-- Fix crash when connecting comparator to nests. Comparator output from nests and hives will now be based on the number of bees inside.
-- Added Spectrum, Cosmic and Starmetal bees
-- Added thicc model option for custom bees without needing custom texture

-- Fix crash when pushing bottlers with a piston
-- Fix centrifuge recipe display in JEI
-- Fix health gained from endurance
-- Fix filled cages stacking in Catcher

-- Bees that can't produce offspring will no longer attempt to do so
-- Fixed bottler always showing honey instead of the actual fluid in the tank


Release notes 0.6.x


Backup your world before updating


- This update has some code cleanup. When loading an existing world you will see some entities having been removed. These are old unused entities.
- Data structure has been changed a bit. If you have overridden anything with a datapack, you'll need to update it to the new structure.
- Configs have been changed, it is advised to delete existing config files.
- This update includes the first part of a full retexture of the mod thanks to Dani


- New Bees:
- - Silky Bee
- - Frosty Bee
- - 50 Gem bees (Silents Gems & Gems and Jewels)
- - Choco Bee (Create)
- - Tea Bee (Create)
- - Ardite, Cobalt, Manyullyn and 6 more bees for Tinkers Construct


- New Blocks:
- - Honey Generator - Generates FE from liquid honey
- - Catcher - Catches bees flying over it
- - BaBee Incubator - Incubates baby bees until they are adults. Can also incubate new bees from genes and eggs.


- Changes:
- - New textures and new models for Solitary bees
- - New model options for config bees
- - New particle options for config bees
- - Balance changes for bee production and upgrades
- - Dispenser can now release bees from bee cages
- - Disabled in-breeding for certain bees
- - Added range upgrade for the Catcher
- - Added client config for for an alternative way of displaying bees in GUI
- - Added client config to disable rendering of bees inside jars
- - Added recipe for turning honey buckets directly into honey blocks
- - Added recipe for filling a bucket with a honey block
- - Added alternative recipe for Hoarder Bee
- - Nest spawning requirements are now a part of the recipe and can be changed with a datapack making skyblocks a possibility.
- - Updated Russian translations thanks to Alepod
- - Breeding upgrades no longer work when there are too many bees near the hive
- - Bees in a hive and in JEI are now rendered the same way
- - Added Sturdy Bee Cage which can used multiple times. Can be found in village chests.
- - Added Tinkers Construct bees with special acquisition method
- - Added option for certain bees to not be self breedable
- - Comparator output from nests and hives will now be based on the number of bees inside.


Release notes 0.5.2


- New Bees:
- - Basalz Bee (Thermal)
- - Blizz Bee (Thermal)
- - Blitz Bee (Thermal)
- - Niter Bee
- - Sulfur Bee
- - Menril Bee (Integrated Dynamics)
- - Mine and Slash Ore Bees
- - Ancient (Netherite) Bee for 1.15.2 (ExtendedNether)


- Changes:
- - Added many more advancements to aid in mod progression
- - Fixed expanded hives only holding 3 bees until re-activated after being unloaded
- - Hive bees will no longer go into nests
- - Hitting a hive with a stick will now make the bees exit
- - Centrifuge will prefer outputting PB honey fluid
- - Nest repopulation cooldown will now be saved in NBT and not reset on chunk unload
- - Doubled Feeding Slab will now drop two slabs
- - Comb upgrade will make vanilla bees produce vanilla comb blocks
- - Added backup recipe for coal dust to coal
- - Added an alternative path to craft a nether quartz nest
- - Bees will now age while inside the hive
- - Fixed inventory sorting
- - Added chance component to Bee Convertion recipe
- - HWYLA will now display nest cooldown and inhabitant information
- - Added config to disable centrifuge inventory rendering on model
- - Fixed crash with FTB Chunks and Farmer bees

Release notes 0.5.1


- New Bees:
- - Experience Bee
- - Uraninite Bee (Powah)
- - Essence bees (Mystical Aggriculture)
- - Prosperity Bee (Mystical Aggriculture)
- - Soulium Bee (Mystical Aggriculture)
- - Pink Slimy Bee (Industrial Foregoing)
- - Bismuth Bee
- - Enderium Bee
- - Lumium Bee
- - Signalum Bee
- - Cinnabar Bee


- New Blocks
- - Bee Jar, a decorative container to show off your bee collection.


- Changes
- - Made Feeding Slab honeylogged. You can now place honey fluid on the feeding slab so bees will heal while pollinating.
- - Fixed Farmer bee wanting to harvest too many types of blocks
- - Fixed upgrades not dropping from Centrifuge when broken
- - Eating a Sugarbag Honeycomb will give you a random positive effect
- - Added more info to TOP about nest spawn requirements
- - Changed bee output to be unique registry items (to support centrifuge from Thermal)
- - Fixed missing pollen texture on Quarry Bee
- - Fixed recipe display in JEI when output from a comb was 0mb of fluid
- - Added recipe for converting coal dust into coal
- - Added alternative path to crafting nether quartz nests
- - Fixed invalid tag causing problems when loading worlds

Release notes 0.5.0


- New Bees:
- - Quarry Bee, collects from stone, sand and gravel just like the Lumber Bee does with logs
- - CuBee, gets other animals in the mood
- - SugarBag Bee, new wild bee


- New blocks:
- - Feeder Slab, can hold up to 3 items which can be used for pollination


- Changes
- - Nest no longer repopulate automatically, they have to be triggered with a honey treat
- - Added more info to guide book
- - Added support for different fluid outputs in the centrifuge
- - Centrifuge now accepts time upgrades
- - Centrifuge will now suck in items thrown on top if they can be processed
- - Pollen particles can now be colored
- - Redstone bee will now trigger redstone contrapments when flying over
- - Bee breeding info added to Pathouli book
- - Bee Cage will not display all the attributes the bee has
- - Holding shift while releasing a bee from a Bee cage will now reset it's hive position
- - Magmatic and Blaze bees are now fireproof
- - Items can now be extracted from the expansion box part of a hive
- - Fixed tooltip on hive and nest items not showing correct bee name
- - Fixed missing particle texture for comb blocks
- - Fixed missing loot table for comb blocks
- - Fixed produce of ender bees
- - Removed double configs.

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