Primitive Tools

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Primitive Tools is a survival mod that focuses on the early game progression and provides a platform for pack makers to start their progression
It's designed to be a middle ground between semi-realism and simplicity and to blend in to Vanilla Minecraft nicely.
It is also designed to be the early game progression to work well with all my other mods and will integrate with most of them.

There are many pictures in the images section.

Specific numbers can be found in the technical section at the bottom.

To start, you will need to collect flint, fiber and sticks.
You can get flint from gravel, or as a low chance drop from sands.
Fiber can be found from fibrous things such as tall grass or ferns.

Sticks come from wood the normal way, and are not altered here.

Important differences :
•This mod removes recipe access to the vanilla wooden and stone tools
•Flint must be knapped on a hard surface to fracture it into usable pieces.
Primitive tools incur a serious speed penalty for using them on an incorrect material

•The quality of the materials chosen to craft a tool affects it's durability, you are meant to have to start with sticks and twine fiber bindings and work up to bone and leather bindings
•Primitive tools are unenchantable. Their crude construction does not conduct magic well.
•The knife is very important for crafting, not just as a weapon
•The arrow recipe has changed and now requires a flint point instead of flint

The knife:

Knives are the first tool you should make.
They are the fastest weapon in the game and are a versatile crafting tool.
Deal critical damage to animals
•Good for breaking leaves, mushrooms, pumpkins, grass, cactus
• Craft wool into string

•Craft saplings into sticks
Craft vine blocks into cordage
•Craft leather into strips

Wooden Club:

You'll want to craft a club for protection.

While slow and low damage, the club has a powerful knockback
effect that will give you time to draw your knife

The spear:

The spear is a long range hunting weapon.
They stack up to 8 and function like a bow.
they will be able to be used for fishing and 
will break and be repairable depending on material used


The Rock Hammer:

The rock hammer Is currently the same as a pick.
Igneous rocks must be used because flint is far too brittle to handle
the stress of crushing.
In the future, it will be used for in world crushing recipes and
wide area mining.
•Stone -> Cobblestone -> Gravel -> Sand
•Crushing ores into dust

Hatchet, Hoe, Pick, and Spade:

These tools currently have no special functions 
compared to their vanilla counterparts.
their stats are between wood and stone.

Leather Works Integration :
If Leather Works is installed, this mod will automatically use the Leather Works leather strip item
Leather Strips can be crafted with any knife, and flint or shears crafting is reduced to 3 instead of 4
Any knife can be used to scrape bark, and is much faster than using flint
Any knife can be used to clean hides


I plan to have a very detailed config file, but I need to know what you need, so please tell me if you'd like something to be configurable!

Planned Features:

Early game fire starting solution

In-world recipes for knives and hammers
More knife recipes, perhaps carving
Quartz napping
Chance for spears to break



 Technical details (Numbers):

Durability is calculated as the durability for each part according to: round(head*(binding + rod))
Where each default value can be found here.
Spears have a default range of 40 meters
Knives will harvest vines with a 25% chance
Knives multiply grass drops by 5
Knives will harvest fiber with a 30% chance
The default chance of harvesting fiber is  17%
Knives will harvest flint from sands with a 20% chance
The default chance of harvesting flint from sands is  11%
Knives will do 8 hearts damage to animals

I hope you enjoy!
Please leave any feedback,suggestions, or bugs you may have

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