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Primal Tech




Primal Tech is a mod created for the SevTech Ages Mod pack by Darkosto.
Primal Tech enables players and mod pack makers to extend their early game content with some primitive themed Machines, Blocks, Weapons, Tools and Items.


All the machine blocks are made to be interactive and without a gui. Primal Tech has self contained configs for recipe creating. Crafttweaker Support is implemented and there is JEI support.

The mod contains only rudimentary recipes by default as it is intended for people to add their own tailor made experience to the game.


I would recommend anyone using this mod to download JEI, and read the in game tool tips in order to see the recipes and function of things.


The main focus of the mod is the Utility Blocks:
2 Types of Interactive Crafting Tables
Klay Kiln for baking single items
Stone Grill (small capacity furnace)
Wooden Mixing Basin (for recipes involving fluids)
Water Powered Saw
Stone Anvil and Mallet
2 Types Of Wooden Hopper (4 Slots)
Un-Lit and Lit Fibre Torches
Bed of Straw and Leaves
Bundle of sticks (to light fires)

There are other items and blocks in the game that should be fairly self-explanatory.