The goal of this mod is to allow modpacks to create progression systems that extend beyond a single world file.


WARNING: This mod is still a work in progress. The command list will be changing as the mod updates. This mod has been released on Curse earlier than originally intended to allow players to earn prestige points in upcoming modpacks that are going to be using this mod and it's features in the future. 


How does it works?

This mod adds several commands which can be integrated into the quests, advancements or ran by command blocks. These commands are used to award a player "Prestige Points". These points can then be used by the player to unlock rewards that you define. Players have the ability to access the prestige reward shop when they start a new world with enough points to buy something. Alternatively you can use a command to open the GUI at pre-determined progression points. 



The following is a list of the commands in the mod. 



This command will show you all the commands in the mod.


/prestige add <player> <amount> [source]

This command will award the player a specified amount of prestige points. You can also optionally define a source. Sources are used as a way to make non-repeatable ways of earning prestige points. If you define a source, players will only be able to earn points for that source once, and they will not be able to earn those points again in other worlds. 


/prestige remove player <amount>

Allows for points to be removed from the player.


/prestige open [player]

Opens the prestige reward GUI. If no player is specified, the gui will be opened for the one running the command. 


/prestige info

Shows information about your current prestige points.