Power Chisels

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Power Chisels adds 2 chisels to Chisel:

An Electric Chisel when Ic2(either experimental or classic) is installed,

And a fluxed chisel, which uses FE/RF.

The Electric chisel has 10k eu storage and uses 20 eu/chisel, and the fluxed chisel has 40k fe/rf storage and uses 80 rf/chisel.

As for recipes for the electric chisel it has different recipes depending on whther ic2 experimental or ic2 classic is installed.

For the fluxed chisel it has a default recipe if neither ender io or thermal expansion is installed. if either is installed then by default the default recipe is disabled in favor of more mod specific recipes, although that can be overridden in the config.

Currently the mods is in beta due to possible bugs. Here are a couple known ones:


  • The tooltip on the fluxed chisel doesn't update when charging with items or charging blocks until the item itself is updated in some way.
  • The unchiseled items don't drop out of the chisel when it runs out of energy but remain in the chisel. Not sure how much of a bug it really is.

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