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Filename Powah-1.14.4-0.2.8.jar
Uploaded by owmii
Uploaded Mar 29, 2020
Game Version 1.14.4
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MD5 6b98314318b3aae66fa3ccb51c1f9419
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


- Fixed reactor generating the base value instead of what the GUI says.

- Added spanish localization thanks to ruchom4u.
- Fixed reactor tooltip showing in the configuration screen.

- Added comparator output support for the energizing orb.
- Tweaked passive generation a bit.
- fixed random bugs (mostly rendering bugs).

- Fixed some textures are missing Closes #28.

- Fixed server crash (forgot to set required lollipop version to v0.0.23) Closes #26.
- Clean up.

- Added Dry Ice Block (Generated under ground of cold biomes, used as solid coolant).
- Added world gen config options.
- Fixed Game crash on right click block with container Closes #24.

Added Solid coolant category to JEI.
Fixed Uraninite Ores has no hardness.

- Added Reactors (A multi-block (FE) generator).
- Added Uraninite Ore, Raw Uraninite and Uraninite.
- Added CraftTweaker support for the energizing recipes.
- Added a guide book (Mod Manual).
- Removed JEI info because now there is a guide book.
- Fixed a lots of bugs.
- Updated Lollipop to 0.0.23.

- Fixed Crash when adding binding card to player transmitter Closes #18.
- Updated Lollipop to 0.0.22.

- Fix Crash with Optifine closes #16.

- Added Ender Cell (A type of Energy Cell that can store energy to the owner ender network).
- Added Ender Gate (Transfer energy between the adjacent block and the ender network).
- Added Ender Core (like dielectric casing).
- Improved Cables rendering when attaching to a FE provider.
- Fixed some block name are invisible in the gui.
- Fixed Solar panels Day/Night time calculation.
- Updated Lollipop to 0.0.21.

0.1.7 & 0.1.8
- New Wrench "Link" mode.
- Now you can re-link Energizing Rod to any Energizing Orb in range.
- When holding a Wrench with "Link" mode will show you linked orbs and rods.
- Improved Energizing Rod beam so rendering better now.
- Clean up JEI info text a bit.
- Updated Lollipop to 0.0.20

- Fixed wrench in player's inventory causes server-side Exception Closes #15.

- Fixed energy transfer when one cable between two blocks in the same line

- Fixed Cables compatibility with some mods like rftools...
- Improved cables performance more.
- Fixed Energizing rod FE block recognition.
- Updated Lollipop to 0.0.19.

- Fixed Energizing Orb recipe not working when world/chunk load.

- Fixed coal generator it will only take one piece at a time closes #12.

- Fixed crash when you right click with an item on energizing orb closes #10

- Added Energizing Orb (Used to energize items, require at least one Energizing Rod in a configurable range to work).
- Added Energizing Rods (Used to energize items inside an Energizing Orb).
- Added Energised Steel, Blazing Crystal, Niotic Crystal and Spirited Crystal.
- Added Charged Snowball (When thrown will cause lightning).
- Added Hardened Capacitor.
- Changed some crafting recipes using the new materials.
- Updated Lollipop to 0.0.18

- Improved items/blocks textures a bit, re-balanced colors and contrast too.

- Added Energy Hopper (a block that Charge chargeable items in an adjacent inventory).
- Re-Fixed game crash when trying to rotate cables and Energy Cells with wrench.
- Updated Lollipop to 0.0.17

- Fixed game crash when trying to rotate cables with wrench.
- Updated Lollipop to 0.0.16

- Now Wrench has two modes (Wrench, Rotate)
- Updated Lollipop to 0.0.15

- Added JEI support for Magmatic generator fluids and Thermoelectric generator heat source blocks and coolant fluids.
- Added Magmatic Block to Thermoelectric generator heat source list with heat of 1200.
- Fixed Thermoelectric generator generation when is more than 100%.

- Added Thermoelectric Generator (Generates FE when placed on top of a high temp block/fluid like lava...,require a coolant fluid like water.)
- Updated Lollipop to 0.0.14
- IMPORTANT NOTE!!, Moved Magmatic fluid list config to Magmatic_Generator.toml

- Player Transmitter charge player inventory before Curios inventory now.
- Fix some blocks not dropping closes #8

- Added compatibility with "Curios" mod (Player transmitter charge items in "Curios" inventory)
- Fixed some water logging issues
- Updated Lollipop to 0.0.13

- Fixed Energy cables are transferring to the first block only.
now should transfer to all blocks correctly

- Most blocks are water logged now
- Now you can place Player Transmitter on cables.

- Fixed Energy cables energy leak
- Added config for energy per fuel tick in furnator.toml
- Fixed bugs.

- Added Energy Discharger (Used to drain energy from items and keep it, can hold up to 4 items).
- Added config for every block capacity, transfer, generation etc...
- Fixed generation consumption leak.
- Edited Furnator texture a bit.
- Fixed more bugs.
- Fixed Magmatic Generator fluid capacity.


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