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Mod Description

This mod adds new use- and powerful Potion-Effects, a Potion-Mixer, to mix potions together, and a Potion-Bag. Also it adds brewing recipes for some vanilla effects.

All new effects can brew with the brewing stand. For the recipes show here under the tab “Effects”.



With the Potion-Mixer you can mix all potions together to one. The potion, which comes out, can also be mixed again. But be careful, when you mix too much it can be explode and the potion flows out.

How does it works:


  • All effects from all source potions will be goes to the finish potion
  • Mixing the potions from left to right. That’s mean the effects from the potions left and middle mixing together and then the result with the right potion
  • By identical effects:
    - If thy both amplifier 1 and it can higher amplifier, thy will mix to amplifier 2, the duration is calculated
      together and divided by two
      (Example: Swiftness (4:00) + Swiftness (6:00) -> Swiftness II (5:00))
    - If both has the same amplifier and cannot get higher amplifier, the duration is calculated together
      (Example: Swiftness II (4:00) + Swiftness II (6:00) -> Swiftness II (10:00))
    - If one has an lower amplifier as the other, then the low is extrapolated up his amplifier while halving its time
      until it has the same amplifier as the other one. Then the duration will be calculate together
      (Example: Swiftness (4:00) + Swiftness II (6:00) -> Swiftness II (8:00))
  • Catalysts:
    You can also mix catalysts in your potion:
    - Redstone-Block: Increase the duration from all effects by 15%
    - Glowstone-Block: Randomly increase an effect to amplifier III, when the effect has amplifier II
    - Gunpowder: Makes the final potion splashing
    - Dragon-Breath: Makes the final potion lingering
    - Golden-Apple / Enchanted Golden-Apple: Adds the effects from the apple to the potion



It’s a nice little gadget.

  • Holding in the main hand, an inventory can be opened by right-click. There you can place a potion.
  • Only if it is kept in the off hand, you get the effects of the infuser contained potion. The time of wearing is deducted from the potion.



  • Right-clicking with the mouse to open the inventory of the bag.
  • The Potion-Bag can hold up to 18 potions.



  •  Will needs for brewing the "Love"-Effect

Effect on Sword

  • Add effects to a sword by crafting Potions with the sword
  • Every 3 sec. Effect-Duration gives one hit point
  • If you hit a entity with a sword with effects, the entity get 3 sec of the effects





Effect Desciptions:


  • The infected entity cannot move.


  • All mobs and player around the infected entity (2.5 Blocks) get Freeze-Effect
  • As long as the effect is effective the infected entity has Frost-Walker


  • If the infected entity is an animal, it will be placed in readiness to mate
  • If the infected entity is an hostile mob, it will be forget to attack


  • All arrows will off the infected entity


  • Generates a lightning bolt at the infected entity


  • The player can fly like in creative


  • When the infected entity hit an opponent, a portion of the damage is returned as life


  • The infected entity hasn’t knockback


  • The speed of using items will be increase. Like faster bow pull back or faster eating


  • Increase the speed of all Blocks, like furnace, brewing stand or saplings and farmland, around the infected entity (2 Blocks)


  • Attracts all items and experiences orb around the infected entity


  • Effect like the Enchantment (Depth-Strider)


  • If the light level is under 7 it will set an light block unter the infected entity foots




Effect Changes:

  • Blindness-Effect: Now works on mobs too. Reduces the follow range of a mob by 85%.



  • Config-Files are under "yourminecraftfolder"/config/PotionCraft
  • In the Config-File, you can:
    • Enable/Disable the Crafting-Recipes
    • Enable/Disable the Brewing-Recipes
    • Changing the duration of the adding Effects
    • Some Settings for the Potion-Mixer


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