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Mod Description

This mod adds new use- and powerful Portable Crafting-Table, Portable Bed, Portable Furnace, Portable Chest, Portable Ender-Chest, Portable Enchantment-Table, Portable Anvil and Portable Brewing-Stand. Most of the portable items work just like in Vanilla, except for the Portable Furnace and the Portable Brewing-Stand, they have a few extra-extensions.

All new Portable Items can be open by right-click.


Portable Crafting-Table


Portable Anvil


Portable Chest


Portable Enderchest


Portable Enchantment-Table

  • Enchantment-Level can increase by adding Bookshelf in the GUI Slot Max.: 15

Portable Furnace

Upgrades by Enchantment:

  • Hold-Heat
  • Speed-Upgrade

Version 1.0.1:


  • Hold-Heat (Saves the heat when it does not melt):

  • Speed Upgrade (Increase the smelting speed):
    • Speed-Level 1:
    • Speed-Level 2:

    • Speed-Level 3:


Portable Brewing-Stand

Upgrades by Enchantment:

  • Speed Upgrade

Version 1.0.1:

  • Speed Upgrade (Increase the brewing speed):
    • Speed-Level 1:

    • Speed-Level 2:

    • Speed-Level 3:


Portable Bed

  • Bed Color to craft is not matter


  • Can hold up to 7 Portable Items
  • By sneaking and rotating the mouse wheel or with 'n' and 'm' you can select the Portable Items or the Holder you want to open (Keys can configurate in the Controls-Option)


  • Config-Files are under "yourminecraftfolder"/config/PortableCraft
  • In the Config-File, you can:
    • Enable/Disable the Crafting-Recipes
    • Enable/Disable the Enchantments
    • Set the Strengh of the Enchantments




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