Potion ID Helper

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This is a mod designed to help mod pack makers resolve potion id conflicts.

To do this it dose the following:

1. Uses ASM to extend the potion array to 2048 

1. Tracks all potions as they are added to the potions array.
2. Finds all conflicting id's.
3. Finds all available id's.
4. Creates a text file listing all of the conflicts and suggests a free id for each one. (See spoiler for an example output)

Potion Id Sorter has found 5 potion id conflicts.
The first potion is the one that has been overwritten. The second is the potion currently assigned to the id.
This mod has already found all of the available potion id's and assigned one to each conflict. Simply change one of the conflicting potions to the id suggested in the config for the mod that adds the potion.

Potions are listed as:
[Potion 1 Class]:[Potion 1 Name] --> [Potion 2 Class]:[Potion 2 Name]
The mod id is not given but it should be easy to figure out the mod from the class. Just look for the mod name in the class path e.g. "am2.buffs.ArsMagicaPotion" = Ars Magica, "vazkii.botania.common.brew.potion.PotionSoulCross" = Botania, "com.emoniph.witchery.brewing.potions.PotionChilled" = Witchery etc.

Conflict: vazkii.botania.common.brew.potion.PotionAllure:botania.potion.allure --> com.emoniph.witchery.brewing.potions.PotionChilled:witchery:potion.chilled at id: 95 Change one of these to 87
Conflict: vazkii.botania.common.brew.potion.PotionBloodthirst:botania.potion.bloodthirst --> com.emoniph.witchery.brewing.potions.PotionBrewingExpertise:witchery:potion.brewingexpertise at id: 94 Change one of these to 89
Conflict: vazkii.botania.common.brew.potion.PotionEmptiness:botania.potion.emptiness --> com.emoniph.witchery.brewing.potions.PotionAttractProjectiles:witchery:potion.attractprojectiles at id: 93 Change one of these to 69
Conflict: vazkii.botania.common.brew.potion.PotionFeatherfeet:botania.potion.featherFeet --> com.emoniph.witchery.brewing.potions.PotionSunAllergy:witchery:potion.allergysun at id: 92 Change one of these to 39
Conflict: vazkii.botania.common.brew.potion.PotionSoulCross:botania.potion.soulCross --> com.emoniph.witchery.brewing.potions.PotionDarknessAllergy:witchery:potion.allergydark at id: 91 Change one of these to 88

This file is generated in the config folder.


Once you have resolved all of the conflicts it is recommended that you remove the mod (Unless you need more then 127 potion id's) because the asm used to extend the potion array past 127 breaks compatibility with vanilla servers.


  • Backup your world!
  • Delete any old versions of PotionIDHelper and BrandonsCore.jar files from your ".minecraft/mods" folder.
  • Install Minecraft Forge
  • Download and drop both PotionIDHelper and BrandonsCore.jar files into your ".minecraft/mods" folder.

Requires: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/231382-brandons-core


This mod is still in beta and will likely have issues. Please report any bugs here:


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