Portal Gates

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Portal Gates allows you to craft blocks that you can stand on and teleport to different locations in the current dimension to other dimensions such as the nether to end or surface to a modded dimension.

Tags can now be found on the GitHub wiki page for Cross-mod support, for any mod creators wishing to add support or create custom portal gates crystal blocks, and so on.


One of the issues with traveling long distances or between dimensions is loading time.
It is possible to get stuck in a loop going between portals due to computers not loading the chunks in fast enough for the delay.
I have found that for my PC an 80 tick delay will work for my loading time but this value can be higher for other computers.
It's best to set the tick delay time higher than you need until you can figure out what your server or computer can handle.
This should be fixed as of 1.1.0 but the option to delay to a higher value than 200 ticks is still an option if needed.
The portal delay time may need to be manually increased or replaced to apply the fix.


If you have 9 minutes to spare you can watch a quick tutorial I made on how to properly set up the portal, it covers crafting, placement, portal settings, and all that jazz.


  • Crafting recipes that can be seen in inventory mods like Not Enough Items.
  • Portals can teleport monsters and creatures.
  • Portals display delay time for players.
  • Portals can teleport between dimensions
  • Portales can transport players.
  • Custom high-quality assets.
  • Some advancements
  • Portal Gate Crystals and Portal Gates can be colored.
  • Teleportation Particles (Huge thanks to Matej for the help with them!)
  • Cross-mod support.

Planned Features

  • Forge Fluid transporters are a simple way to transport forge Fluids to other locations locally.
  • Forge Energy teleporters. A simple way to remote transport FE to other locations locally.
  • Portal Events are things that can happen to the portals randomly.
  • Single-use panic button to teleport you to a stored portal.
  • Maybe something to do with biomes not sure what yet.
  • Short-distance portals with local transportation in mind.
  • Item teleporter, transport items instead of entities.
  • Craftable versions of the decretive portal blocks.
  • More portal settings for entity selectors.


Recipes can be found on the GitHub Wiki page.

Block Colors

To color, the crystals or the Portal Gate blocks use any of the 16 colors of dye in Minecraft. To wash the dye off you can use a water bucket.

Modification Sites

  • 🔨 GitHub - For bug reports, suggestions, polls for future updates, and so on.
  • 📄 NorthWestTreesGaming - Has a mod page with permissions a text tutorial as well as download links for the latest version.
  • 📄 MCreator - A place to download the latest version of Portal Gates.


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