Poly's Ores

1,400 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 27, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.4

This mod adds new ores that generate only in specific biomes. Those ores allow you to craft tools, supertools, swords and large swords that have potion effects. Tools that are stronger and rarest than diamond.

This was initially intended for the Extended Caves mod :



Features :

- Blazing set :

Blazing ores gives you blazing gems and can be found in deserts. Blazing items inflict fire for a variable duration depending on the tool / sword tier.

- Frosted set :

Frosted ores gives you frosted gems and can be found in every snowy / icy biomes. Frosted items inflict slowness from level I to III for a variable duration.

- Toxic set :

Toxic ores gives you toxic gems and can be found in swamps. Toxic items inflict poison from level I to III for a variable duration.

- Supertools :

Each set has a shovpick (combination of a pickaxe and a shovel)

- Large swords :

Each set has a large sword (inflict high damage and have the highest effect duration).


Config file :

You can disable the generation in the "polyores_config" file and adjust ore generation. Be sure to restart Minecraft for an effective config !


Usage :

You can use this mod in your modpack but you should credit. Do not re-host this mod without asking me.


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