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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


Poke Lucky Block : spawn 70% for pixelmon, 15% for mobs and 5% for gang rocket.
Gang Rocket Mobs : this can steal your pokemon but don't steal pokemon slot 1.

Poke Phone :
Poke app : it's link your PC then you can deposit pokemon.
Ender app : it's link your Ender Chest.
Model app : take model of pokemon for.
Tranf app : you can use this app tranfrom to pokemon.
ReT app : this is just remote trading machine but you want specify coordinates.
Heal app : this is just heal all your pokemon in party by use not healer machine.

Lucky Fruit :
Lucky Banana : Plus or minus attack status all pokemon in party.
Lucky Blueberry : Plus or minus defence status all pokemon in party.

Lucky Grapes : Plus or minus special defence status all pokemon in party.

Lucky Green Apple : Plus or minus speed status all pokemon in party.

Lucky Orange : Plus or minus special attack all pokemon in party.

Lucky Strawberry : Plus or minus HP all pokemon in party.

Lucky Sandwich : this is food for survive but inevitable risky by percent will divide 3 in 100.
- When you eat you will be full and full heal.
- When you eat you will be full and full heal but you want have hunger status just it so delicious.
- When you will eat pidgey will coming steal lunch of you that for you can't eat it.