Plato's Transporters [FORGE/FABRIC]



EUREKA is the successor to Plato's for 1.16+




Hey everyone who reads the description,

I no longer have the time or energy (or passion) to maintain/update this mod, so someone will have to take over development if they wish this codebase to be updated to future versions, by myself I cannot reach any higher expectations and probably never will be able to, A fair few features have been requested before and I simply have not had the knowledge to implement them and it would be great if anyone could help with that, just send me a DM on here and I will try and respond, you can access the code for all versions of fabric (1.15 through 1.17) and forge (1.15-1.16) on GitHub.

I can add you as a developer to this project or you can create your own, that is up to you :)




Just to be clear here THIS IS THE ONLY OFFICIAL WEBPAGE FOR THIS MOD (except my github) I am not responsible for other websites that claim they have my mod, I did not upload them there and you should probably take what they say with a pinch of salt, only download Plato's from my github or curseforge links!



If you are running 1.16.3 forge you MUST use the alpha build (its the same as the 1.16.4 version, but separated for convenience)

If you are running on a dedicated server you may need to enable flying to use airships successfully!





1.15 and 1.16 fabric and forge supported


ship disassembly rotation (so it disassembles the way you are facing)

blocks that make ships do other things (ride lava, go faster, float slower etc)

make a discord


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Plato's Transporters

A "spiritual successor" to Archimedes Ships / Da Vinci's Vessels, for 1.15+ fabric and forge


The title pretty much gives it away, but for those unfamiliar with these mods, Plato's Transporters adds the ability to build your own vehicles and turn them into entity/drive-able vehicles, In my version all my code is effectively original and I have Ships, Airships and "carriages"


version 1.2 adds the ability to move block entities like chests and skulkers within a vehicle, this is early stages however so report bugs! (thanks to Siphalor for some code that helped me do this)


A mod overview can be found below:


A text representation:



from left to right:

The Ship Controller: used to create vehicles, can be interacted with using an empty hand or a lift jack

Water Float: A block used to create ship vehicles, 20 blocks by default can be lifted by 1 float

Airship Balloon: A block used to create airship vehicles, 2 blocks by default can be lifted by 1 balloon

Wheel: A block used to create ground/carriage vehicles, 10 blocks by default can be lifted by 1 wheel

Control Key: an item used to control vehicles, for water and ground the key must only be held to move the vehicle forward, for air it must be right-clicked/used in the direction you want to go (you can also use the usual movement buttons/keys now)

Lift Jack: an item used to raise or lower the seating position of the player above the ground block (See video or in game guide)

Disassembly Wrench: used to disassemble vehicles (NOTE: they will become block again in the same direction they where created!)

Not pictured; 

In game guide: when using any of the Plato's Transport Items for the first time, a written book will be added to your inventory detailing what the mod can do

Clearing Scythe: an item used to clear away grass and other things for boat disassembly

updated assembly model

Boarding Stairs: allows getting on ships from further away, also circumnavigates a bug with getting on ships


Only certain materials can be used to create a vehicle, they are saved into the boat_materials.json block tag, by default the tag contains:

-all wooden slab stairs, fences, trapdoors and planks
-all logs and wool
-the blocks required by the mod


as of 1.1 the default is to use a blacklist stored in a block tag at  boat_material_blacklist.json (the use of a whitelist or blacklist can be changed in the config)

the blacklist by default looks like this:

grass block
anything immune to the wither
any block that has "ore" in its translation key
any flowers
all crops

any grass or tall grass

snow and snow blocks

all sandstone

sugar cane and bamboo

infested stone

You can make an airship obey gravity by adding an anvil, or make a ship go faster by placing a blast furnace



You can contribute to the mod on github submitting issues or lang files, those marked in green where made for older versions and may not have translations for everything available in the mod, but generally have most things

current languages:

English (en_us) - me

Arabic (ar_sa) - BerryYoghurt (github)

Russian (ru_ru) - mirosmir (cf) also provided a cool new model for the assembly, see their comment!

Korean (ko_kr) - Subwayburf

Chinese (zh_cn) -  mhqbck (cf)


You can use this mod in your modpacks

Please do not repost this mod anywhere without my express permission in the comments