Placeable Gunpowder

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Placeable Gunpowder


Hey everyone! This is a small mod that I've seen many requests for on minecraftforum. It lets you place down gunpowder as a fuse for TNT that can be any length: no need for repeaters and redstone!


Gunpowder going off


TNT set off


You can light it with flint and steel or fire arrows, and you can also place it with dispensers. It does a bit of damage to entities standing on it as it goes off. It should work with any modded TNT as well.


Download Instructions:

This is a regular forge mod, so install the version of Minecraft you want for this mod and Forge (here's a guide if you need one).


Drop this in the mods folder and you should be good to go!





You can use this in modpacks. If you do, make sure to link back to this curse page or the minecraftforum page. 



If you have any suggestions or comments, I would suggest posting them on minecraftforum, as I will check it more often.


Enjoy this little mod! =D




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