...is a Minecraft mod, which adds customizable pizza to your game. Everyone likes pizza. Now you can taste it! 1.16 update brings some overhauls to mod. I would like to thank my artist, SirSquidly, for creating great textures and giving feedback and ideas. He helped me a lot with port to 1.16.


Ever wondered if you could make pizza in Minecraft?

  • Flour

First you have to acquire dough for pizza, which requires flour, egg and milk
Flour is created in mortar and pestle. Put corn or wheat in mortar and hold shift + right click to mill. (Only old versions)

  • Dough

To prepare dough for pizza you'll also need rolling pin and pizza peel.
Place dough on ground and right click it with rolling pin until you get the proper shape.

  • Adding ingredients

To prepare your pizza you can add ingredients by right clicking on pizza, by use of Pizza GUI or by crafting Pizza Station block
Shift + right-click opens special pizza gui, where you can place all your ingredients.
Pizza station block allows to rename your pizza during crafting.

Older versions:
After that, you can start adding ingredients to your pizza - by right click or by use of GUI.
Shift + right-click opens special pizza gui, where you can place all your ingredients.
Keep in mind that you can add some ingredients few times to one slot (for example: 4x tomato slice or 2x broccoli)


See below how to get every ingredient

  • Picking pizza

If you feel your pizza is ready, right click with peel to pick it up. The tooltip of the item will show you all used ingredients and how much hunger pizza
restores per slice.

  • Baking pizza

Place your pizza on the top of the oven, you'll notice beautiful process of pizza baking.
You should notice when pizza is ready, particles will come out more often. Right click with peel to pick it up.

Oven can be extinguished by right clicking with water bucket and lit again by right clicking with flint and steel


Congratulations, you've made your own pizza!



  • Seeds

Crops seeds drop from tall grass. Corn and onion do not require seed to plant. Olives can be obtained from jungle leaves.

  • Cheese

The creation of cheese isn't that easy, but enjoyable. You'll have to craft basin and obtain milk and any fermenting item (Shown below). Right click with milk on basin to fill it, and then right click with fermenting item to start the cheese making process. When cheese is ready, particles will come out. Simply right click to take it out. Place the cheese block and use knife on it to get cheese for pizza. 

  • Sauces

To create sauce, you'll need to squash some vegetables, tomatoes or pepper in fact. put some of them in basin and start jumping. When you fill the basin, right click on the basin to obtain delightful sauce.

  • Slices

To effectively use ingredients on pizza, you can chop them and use slices. Therefore you have to craft chopping board and knife. Take sliceable item to second hand and knife to main hand to start slicing. All sliced ingredients grant bonus hunger refillement values if used on pizza.

  • Other

Ingredients like broccoli or olives do not require slicing. 

Chef Uniform
Pizzacraft provides special outfit for cooking lovers - chef uniform, which grants fire resistance!

Fermenting Items
Items that allow you to start cheese fermenting process in basin:
Brown Mushroom, Red Mushroom, Spider Eye, Fermented Spider Eye, Poisonous Potato, Crimson Fungus, Warped Fungus


You are allowed to use this mod in public/private modpacks. I do not allow anyone to repost mod on other sites without my permission.


Here is the list of people who provided translated to their language version of lang file. Thank you! :)

  • Spanish (es_es): EdictionGamerYT



You can check out my other mods too! :)




1.12.2 Guide

Current Pizza Count: 11




"How to craft all those things?" - Take a look at Crafting Recipes below.

First things first, you need to craft pizza oven and light it up!

Get milk from cow (Right click)

All the seeds can be obtained from grass, only olive is dropping from leaves (Configurable)

Craft raw pizza, then...

 Don't destroy pizza! You don't want to lose such good food!

Crafting Recipes

* - Shapeless Crafting Recipe


Pizza Oven:




Mortar and Pestle:




Pizza Dough:




Raw Pizza Margherita*:


Raw Pizza Funghi*:


Raw Pizza Prosciutto*:


Raw Meat Pizza*:


Raw Classic Pizza*:


Raw Pizza Capriciosa*: 


Raw Hawaiian Pizza*:


Raw Pizza Toscana*:


Raw Pizza Rustica*:


Raw Vegetarian Pizza*: 


Raw Pizza Pompea*: 






Slice of Pizza*: (Works with any pizza)


Pizza Board*:


Pizza on Board*: (Works with any pizza)


Paper Mass x6*:


Paper Mass x15*:


Paper Mass x24*:




Pizza Box:


Pizza in Box*: (Works with any pizza)


Red Cloth:


Pizza deliverer's set:

Like normal armor crafting, but you need to use red cloth.


Changelog for PizzaCraft 1.12.2

- Fixed saturation
- Added cucumber slice
- Added tomato slice
- Added corn flour
- Added config option to make pizza slices obtainable by hand
- Changed knife durability
- Updated some textures
- Removed effects grant by milk bottle

- Changed oven model
- Lowered saturation on pizza slices
- Wearing full delivery set or chef uniform grants potion effects
- Added ham

- Fixed crash on server (closes #10)
- Burning pizza oven drops pizza oven

- Added Chef Uniform with hat model
- Changed cap model for pizza delivery suit 
- Minor code improvements
- Textures improvements

- Update Minecraft Forge to 1.12.2-2772
- Added Pizza Board and Burnt Pizza shields
- Knife now has durability
- You can take pizza slices from actually placed pizza by knife
- Fixed small bug that caused pineapple seed turning into broccoli plant (Issue #7)
- Code improvements

- Update Minecraft Forge to 1.12.2-2770
- Wolves can be tamed by pizza slices, whose have meat
- Bottle of milk can be now obtained only from cow
- Deleted "Meat mix" item
- Changed mortar and pestle texture
- Changed flour texture
- Added In-game config screen
- Closes issue #6
- Added custom pizza box tops
- Changed Meat pizza recipe
- Rotated corn texture
- Added "Furnace cooking" config option
- Added Update Checker

- Updated Minecraft Forge to 1.12.2-2761
- Removed "Cash" item
- Removed "Shop" block
- Added nettherrack variant to pizza oven
- Improved code
- Added more recipe variants for paper mass

- Updated Minecraft Forge to 1.12.2-2739
- Added peel model
- Added burnt pizza
- Changed pizza oven functioning and model
- Reduced tile entity count
- Deleted useless piece of code to slim mod
- Changed crafting recipe for pizza oven
- Minor bug fixes

- Added Pizza Oven
- Added Peel
- Added Plants (Onion, Pepper, Pineapple, Tomato, Cucumber, Corn, Broccoli)
- Added Vegan Pizza
- Added Broccoli Machine
- Bug Fixes
- More Recipes

- Added knife
- Added slice for every type of pizza
- Added potion effects to bottle of milk
- Crafting no longer consume bakeware
- Bottle of milk returns glass bottle
- More recipes


For recipes, I recommend to use NEI or JEI to better mod tracking.

This mod should work well with anything that doesn't use the same crafting recipes. Feel free to use and distribute this as you wish, as long as it is credited.

Feel free to use this in modpacks and on servers!